Farewell to Summer

What better way to get back to my neglected web-journal than by posting this video of our latest family adventure? The weather last Saturday was wonderful, and getting to the trail was a snap--after I finally completed construction of our new bike carrier and we mopped up all the wiper fluid that someone unwittingly (I hope) spilled in the minivan.

Some cute Natalisms that came from our bike trip:

As we packed up the bikes, Anthony couldn't keep his hands off of the bike horn that Natalie had recently purchased. "Stop!" yelled Natalie. "Don't use up all the honks!"

Natalie, on whom all discussion about gear ratios is not surpringly lost, noticed that her legs were pedaling at a different rate than were Mommy's, even though their bikes were attached in tandem. "Look, Mommy! My feet are going faster than yours. That means I have all the energy!"

My favorite part of the trip was hearing how everyone wants to give it another go next weekend! Hurray!