Our new room

While it is still a work in progress we have gotten lots done and are starting to feel like it is all coming together. We've done lots or organizing, de-junking, moving furniture, and of course the painting that Jeremiah did while I was gone. Here is my favorite part of the room.

Our new bed.
This is nicer than anything we have ever had and we now have a new rule in our house. "No getting on mommy and daddy's bed without asking first!"

Friday and Saturday fun (last week)

Now that last weekend is a thing of the past I'm finally getting around to posting about our fun.

Friday the kids and I met some friends at Rutland State Park for a swim in the lake and a picnic lunch. Emersynne did very well considering I wouldn't let her down since she would eat the sand by the handful! No one got sunburned but we didn't escape the mosquitoes.

Abigail got sand in her mouth and kept coming to me with her tongue out so I could help her.

She wouldn't stay on this chair long. She wanted to eat the sand!

Trevor and Natalie had a great time digging in the sand.

I put Emersynne in the water thinking she would enjoy just sitting and splashing but she immediately found the sand and before I knew it she had several handfuls in her mouth.

Michaela and Anthony were there too but for some reason I didn't get pictures of them. Michaela had a lot of fun swimming in the lake and Anthony went off with the other boys his age to try to catch some fish. They didn't have any luck but they had fun so I guess that is what counts.

We had so much fun at the lake on friday that we decided to go again on saturday with Jeremiah. This time we loaded up the bikes and checked out some new trails around the lake. The kids were all good troopers since it was hot, humid, and the trails were rather rocky. It made for some bumpy rides. At the end of our ride we stopped at the lake to have a swim. It was a great way to cool off and end our little trip.

Enjoying our picnic lunch

Abigail really liked her after lunch treat!

Emersynne didn't like the bumpy trails but other than that she seemed to enjoy being in the bike trailer and she loved being in the water at the lake!

Can you see Natalie in the background of this picture? This was our first bike ride since she has started riding and she did a great job. There were a few hills that she had trouble getting up but she kept plugging along!

We did about five miles on our little ride and are looking forward to taking the bikes out again.


One of those days

Here it is, almost ten in the morning and I still haven't had my shower or my breakfast. I was starting to feel a little discouraged until I thought of what I had gotten done this morning. So here it is:

Got up at 5:15 am to nurse the baby and then went to the gym
Made a batch of pears and peaches baby food and got breakfast for the kids
Took the kids to the playground (it is going to be really hot today and is already really humid)
Nursed the baby and put her down for her morning nap
Cooked the yams and squash so I can later make baby food out of them
Did the breakfast dishes and wiped off the table
Swept the floors

I guess that's not too bad although nothing on my list has gotten done yet. Oh well. I guess there is still lots of time left in the day. I just hope I have the energy to last! And yes I probably should have eaten breakfast instead of blogging.


Thirteen years

Today is our anniversary. I can't believe we have been married thirteen years already. Where did the time go?

I am so thankful to be married to my best friend. What a wonderful example he is to me and I love him very much!

August 9,1996

July 2009


Vacation Week 3

While Jeremiah was busy here at home going to work and working at home, we got to stay in Utah for one more week. Some of the things we enjoyed were:

Playing at the "orange park" (as the kids call it)

Thanksgiving Point Animal Farm
We timed it just right and got to see a cow being milked, the baby horses nursing, and a baby cow being fed a bottle. But of course, the highlight of the evening was the pony ride.

I love the look on Abigail's face. She was so excited to be riding a pony!

Michaela made some new friends

We tried to lock them up while we were there but somehow they got out and followed us home.

Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point

Dinosaur park
My dad took a day off from work and we packed a picnic lunch and went to visit the dinosaurs. It was a hot day but most of the pathways were in the shade which made a huge difference. Abigail wasn't so sure about the dinosaurs but soon realized that they were just statues.
We saw some pretty scary looking animals but I think these creatures were scariest of all!
Notice how Abigail is looking behind her to make sure he dinosaur doesn't move?

Watch out Grandpa Roy! It's going to get you!

Anthony had a good time creating a dinosaur of his own

More ice cream at Nannie and Papa's
The older children loved having more freedom than they are use to and several times walked to Nannie and Papa's house to visit and eat ice cream. After the older cousins left to go home my kids wanted to walk to Nannie and Papa's house again. I went along with them and we had a good visit and of course ate some yummy ice cream.

These are some of my favorite pictures of my Grandpa as he played and teased the kids.


Not the [redacted] post

...because Tamara said I had to find a different title.

I'm thinking:

Hornish Hen


Horatio Hornblower


Horning In

Anywho, we went to the Bean Museum at BYU while we were in Utah. The kids all had a good time and wanted to take some photos for posterity. You know the kind.

Ha ha! The third one is Chandler!

Zzzzz.... Why settle for these boring photos?

When you can spice things up like this?

Or this?

155 sq. ft.

What can you do with a 15.5' x 10' master bedroom?

This is how we had it before:
The "doors" at the top are the closet doors.

This is how it is now:

This is how it will be when we make our next rearrangement in the upcoming days:

When we get everything settled, I will post some photos. Right now things are in turmoil and my wife would kill me if I leaked such a photo.

Vacation week 2

The next week my brother and his family came to town and we were all there for a few days before Jeremiah had to go back home and go to work. My whole family was together for the first time in four years so of course we had to have family photos. We got everybody ready and dressed in their denim whatevers (shorts, skirts, pants, ect) and white shirts and headed over to the pavilion across the street from the American Fork Temple. My sister is a photographer so we decided to make it less painful for us all she would set up her camera and take our photos. Before she had even gotten the camera set up my children started climbing up the rock steps and Abigail followed. On her way back down she freaked out when she saw a bug and stepped off the step and fell on her face. I started running up the steps to get her thinking she would keep rolling down. Fortunately she managed to get her hands under her a little bit and it stopped her fall. She did bang up her face and had a scrape on her chin, a fat and bloody lip, and a big deep scratch that started at her nostril and went down to her upper lip and wouldn't stop bleeding. Somehow we managed to keep the blood off our white shirts but Abigail would not be consoled. We finally gave up and she sat on Jeremiah's lap screaming while we started taking photos. I was so upset that it was my child that would end up ruining family photos. When the flash started going off it distracted Abigail and for a few minutes she forgot about her fall and we actually have some pictures where she is smiling. Since it is a large group photo you really can't see her banged up face. Now that was a very stressful morning!

After lunch the kids got to have a water fight in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. My nephew Spencer and Trevor crashed into each other and Spencer's tooth went into Trevor's head just above the hairline. Both were in tears and the game was on hold for a bit. Trevor's head was bleeding but I was more concerned about Spencer's tooth. After eating otter pops and resting in the shade Spencer was back in the game. Doctor Dean (my sister-in-law) worked on Trevor. The bandaids and and tape didn't stick because of his hair but glue did the trick! The glue held things together so that it could heal and now his head looks really good. I don't think it will even leave a scar!

In spite of the injuries, the kids had a great time with their water fight

So, now that I've gotten the injury report out of the way we can get on with the fun stuff!

Smore's at Nannie and Papa's

Oquirrh Mountain temple open house
Rock climbing

Family dinner at the park

Playing duets with my brother
Ragtime duets

Organ/piano duet of Oh My Father


Walking to Nannie and Papa's house for ice cream

Wood working with grandpa

Eating at Iceberg

Hanging out with cousins

Going to Cabela's

It was a fun week but it sure did go by real fast! Can't believe how much we did in one week. Like I said, lots of photos and lots of memories, and tons of fun!