School lunch blues

None of the kids were excited by the Turkey lunch on the school menu this morning so their daddy took pity on them and quickly made them some wraps. One of their favorites! Since Jeremiah was already making 3 lunches he made one more so Trevor could have one too. As Trevor was eating his lunch I said,

"Trevor, how is your sandwich?"

His reply, "It's not a sandwich it's a burrito!"

When he didn't answer my question I asked him again this time making sure to call it a burrito and not a sandwich.

"Trevor, how is your burrito?"

His exclamation of "I'm so impressed!" had me chuckling to myself. Trevor is full of sayings and phrases that he can't wait to use but doesn't always use them in the right place. Just this morning he told me I had hurt his feelings when I sent him back to his room to get an undershirt. Too funny!


Vicki said...

I'm impressed that Trevor was so impressed!
We saw the weather this morning and wondered how much of the white stuff you were going to get. It certainly looked cold enough to snow!

angie said...

So cute!

jenniferkrey said...

Kids say the "darndest" things! Too cute!

Andrew's favorite lately is, "But Mom, that's not the point!" This is usually preceded by us correcting an incorrect choice he has made.

Jenn said...

My favorite is "Oh by the way...." or "I've got a headache" What a cutie he is.