Happy Birthday Natalie!

Out of all the children Natalie was the most excited for Thanksgiving. She wanted that day to come so her birthday could come.

It was a special day with everybody home from school and work. Natalie got special treatment with a birthday breakfast, no chores, and a birthday dinner. She got to pick out one present in the morning and open it up and was soon sharing her new polly pockets with Michaela as they sat on the floor playing. After dinner Natalie tackled the rest of her presents. Anthony gave her a package of punch balloons which Natalie opened up and gave one to each of the kids. She then shared the one for her with Abigail. It never stops amazing me how much of a sharer Natalie is.

She is a wonderful girl and brings so much joy to our home. I can't believe she is already seven years old.


Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful day and some excited children we had here. Everyone had their own assignment to help out with food preparation. Trevor was excited to be involved with making the pumpkin pie. We even got a little creative!

Michaela made the mashed potatoes, Anthony did the stuffing, Natalie made the cranberry jello salad, and Jeremiah took care of the turkey and made some delicious gravy! The kids were all glad to be involved and excited to eat the yummy food. We did have a little trouble getting all the food on the table and of course my plate wasn't big enough!

We were joined by our neighbor Maura and our cousins Jessica, Caleb, and Thomas. It's nice to have some family around again and we hope to get together with them again soon.


Unamerican American of the Week

The (obviously) gay activist site gaywired.com recently ran an article featuring this photo of an LDS temple:

In essence, the author, Duane Wells, says that he finds himself "growing increasingly angry about this recent setback for the LGBT movement." Instead of pointing a finger at the inadequacy of the organizations that tried to defeat Prop 8, or seeing the bigger picture (i.e. there are lots of people who think that homosexuality is a sin and don't want marriage redefined by a bunch of people wanting to justify their sin), Mr. Wells vents his frustration by questioning the "authority" of members of the LDS church to express their beliefs on the subject of marriage. (For the record: I am a "card-carrying" member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

Thanks, Mr. Wells, for making it so plain that you do not understand the rights afforded to the citizens of this great nation. Let me remind you that standing for your beliefs and voting according to your conscience are my rights as much as they are yours.

For his article, Duane Wells and gaywired.com get are recipients of EBC's first "Unamerican American of the Week" award.

Get out the vote or get over it.


Two Months Old!

It's hard to believe that Emersynne is already two months old. Where did the time go? I am happy to report that we seem to have settled into a fairly good routine with child number six. Of course it sure does help that she is a little angel. Her favorite past time is smiling and cooing and I can't get enough of it.

She recently had her two month check-up and is healthy, alert, and very strong. That is so nice to see after dealing with sensory issues and low muscle tone with my last three babies. Since Emersynne has gotten rather chubby I was curious to see how much she weighed. She tipped the scale at 12 lbs 12 oz and is 24 1/2 inches long. She isn't petite like Natalie and Abigail were but she isn't as big as Anthony and Trevor were either. Guess we just grow them big at our house!

This is a picture of Emersynne smiling at Trevor who took some time to talk to her. All it takes is somebody to look at her and she is all smiles!


The people have spoken!

So, prop 8 passed, but the belly-aching from the left has only begun. That's their right. I've got rights, too. Here's my response to a somewhat anonymous comment to my "Yes on 8" post:

Jenny, is it? "Violets", at any rate, [post-post-script: So exciting! I just found this picture of Jenny. Notice how it's on the left?]

Thanks for visiting my obscure little blog. I am curious what lowly link sent you over to see my post about "Yes on 8."

In regards to your comment:

I am sorry that you have had so many racial barriers, perceived or otherwise, up until recently. If we Americans were just now breaking through, I doubt that now President-elect Obama would have won. Where do you get off anyway, comparing being gay to being black?

As far as the rights that you speak of, since when has the issue of same-sex marriage been about rights? As you ask for enlightenment, let me lay it out for you--this has been, and continues to be not about rights, but about the legal definition of marriage. Marriage, a divinely established institution, has been and should continue to be between a man and a woman. That so many people voted that way, despite the raucous dissent from the gay-rights camp, shows that a large percentage of my fellow Californians agree with me on this point.

Are you really going to try to get the "belligerent" label to stick on the activists for traditional marriage? I can only call it as I see it, Violets. As my mother stood by the freeway with other members of her congregation holding "Yes on 8" signs, some people would honk and wave or give the thumbs up. Those were not the "No on 8" proponents. Those were the ones that "flipped the bird" or shouted expletives. My mom went around to different precincts to check on volunteers for "Yes on 8." Who was yelling and screaming? Who was being offensive and violent toward my mother to the point of frightening her? Do you need a hint? It was the same people who went around stealing countless "Yes on 8" signs off of lawns. Meanwhile, the "No on 8" signs remained on their initial locations untouched.

Still need convincing? Where are the crowds of smug conservatives standing outside of gay bars and marching around the Castro area of San Francisco? Oh--there are none! Meanwhile, same-sex marriage activists congregate outside of the places of worship of the Mormon faith, badgering, bullying, and being belligerent. Do they have the right? Well, Violets, you ask yourself what would happen if hundreds of conservatives gathered outside some venue frequented by homosexuals and shouted offensive slurs and tried to be as menacing as possible. Next ask yourself this, why should conservatives stand for this sort of treatment if gays do not?

The "I'm just trying to live my life" argument isn't going to work with me either, sister. I live in Massachusetts, and have seen the same gay-rights organizations that have fought to make same-sex lifestyle education mandatory here argue attest that they have no such intentions there. The degree of duplicity would be comical if the battle being fought was not so grave. Don't tell me you're not asking me "to teach [my] kids any different or trying to get churches that don't want to to perform marriages for gay people." You're trying to justify your dubious lifestyle by changing the rules to fit you.

I am sorry for whatever sorrows you face in life—your dog, your cancer, your anxiety for the future. Can even the most extenuating of circumstances, however, change one thing into another?


As far as prop 8 goes, it's not some travesty of human rights. It's called "democracy." My forefathers bled and died for it, and if you don't like it, try going somewhere else. I can think of few things less patriotic than bellyaching that the popular vote didn't go your way.

Get out the vote or get over it.


Gal Smiley

At least now I can say that she smiled for Daddy first...

...on film.


My candy goblins

I have to show you the kids in their Halloween costumes. They're just too cute to pass up on.

First, Abigail in her little witch costume. She should have been a bunny--she hopped around most of the night. "Boing-boing-boing-boing!"

Trevor made this costume work, even if the pants only covered half his shin. He specifically ordered the "triangle eyes."

Natalie ordered the green face paint. She wanted to look a little "scarey." It only made the costume cuter.

Anthony's getting to the point where he likes to look dashing. He had a fun time posing in his pirate costume.

Perhaps the cutest of all: Michaela's mommy costume. Of all the things she could have picked, she decided to be a mommy for Halloween. So sweet!

I had a good time on Halloween, too. My new coworkers really know how to have a good time.

This is Becca and me. Becca works in the Custom Genetics department and made her mask herself. Not bad! Abigail would yell, "Eyes! Eyes! Eyes! Eyes!" every time she saw me in my costume.

Like something out of the Silmarillion

There's this tree just outside our back door that I love to see at night. The brilliance with with it shines is completely artificial--it comes from the floodlights that keep our parking lot safe. But the way the tree filters the illumination is natural and inspiring, and I want to share it with you.

Happy Autumn, friends.

Yes on 8! Yes on 8!

I let curiosity get the better of me this morning. I should have let it go, but I got up and tip-toed to the computer to see if proposition 8 had passed in California.


It was a narrow victory, but it was a victory. Here's a link to the results:


I can't believe that so many people listened as a belligerent group of homosexuals trying to legally justify their behavior. I can't even imagine what stunt they'll try to pull next in the name of a so-called "equality."

I loved this post:

Good for you, California! Stay strong!


Whoa! You should try this stuff!

As part of our Family Home Evening tonight, Abigail helped me read the story of Noah and the ark. As we concluded, Anthony chimed in with a very appropriate question. ("For once," says Tamara.)

"How do we know that any of this ever happened to the prophets?"

Seizing the teaching moment, I had Anthony open up the Book of Mormon to chapter ten of Moroni. He read verses three through five aloud, and we discussed how we can go to Heavenly Father with our questions in order to get an answer.

I was a little embarrassed at not having explained the concept to him earlier, but mostly just amused when he then asked, "Has anyone ever tried this?"

Will pose for food

I can't believe we chose to do our family pictures on Fast Sunday. I didn't think I'd have enough patience to make it through, but the kids were spectacularly well-behaved.

Here are a few of the front runners for the most recent family portrait:

We also did some individual and smaller group photos:

Awwww... the proud parents. Again.

(Michaela actually didn't know I was taking her picture. Hee hee!)

Mommy = Cow

I was on my way to Wal-Mart the other day with Trevor, Abigail, and Emersynne. Trevor, who talks nonstop these days out of the blue said, "Mommy you are a cow."

I was a little shocked and not sure what my 4-year old was getting at. Was he referring to the twenty pounds I so badly want to loose? He didn't say I was like a cow but very bluntly told me I was a cow!

After a few moments of silence I asked, "What do you mean Trevor?"

He very matter of fact stated, "You make milk!"

So, yes, Trevor has been very interested in the breastfeeding process of his new baby sister and is amazed that Emersynne doesn't need to eat anything other than "mommy's milk".

Bus? What bus?

I guess it was bound to happen and now that it has happened maybe it won't happen again!

Jeremiah left for work and the kids were all ready for school and standing at the back door waiting for the bus. We had ten minutes before the bus would be here so I started to clean up the kitchen and told the kids to watch for the bus. After a few minutes they were quoting lines and singing songs from their recent favorite movie (The Pirates of Penzance) and I kept reminding them to watch for the bus. They assured me that they were watching. Eight 'o clock came and went and no bus, or so they thought. I sent Michaela outside to see if the kids were still waiting at the bus stop. She came back quickly to report that nobody was there.

"How can you be ready ten minutes early and still manage to miss the bus? I told you to watch for the bus!" I scolded

"We were watching!" was their response

Anthony was then very concerned that they would have to stay at home. Jeremiah had the car which meant our only option would be to walk. I started getting the little ones ready with hats, gloves, and coats and then realized that both strollers were in the car. Great! Just my luck. Thank goodness for the baby carrier wrap that my friend Laura made for me. I wrapped the material around me the way she showed me and got Emersynne situated and covered with a blanket. She was warm and comfy and was soon asleep.

Abigail wanted to take it her own pace so I pretty much dragged her the whole way there so the kids wouldn't be later than necessary. After dropping the kids off at school we were able to take the walk back home at a slower pace which meant we had to stop to pick up rocks, watch the big trucks drive by, (just don't ask Abigail to say truck) and play "I Spy".

After getting back I was an hour behind schedule so I cheated and decided that the walk to and from school would be my exercise. It's not really how I had planned to start my day and I'm hoping that the rough start to a new week will get better and not worse!

So my question to the kids was, "If you get charged fifty cents for a ride to school when you miss the bus, how much do you think you should get charged for missing the bus and having to be walked to school?"

They weren't really sure how to answer that one.

Did you know...

...that if you eat all your Halloween candy at once then you won't get cavities? Anthony tried this one on me as he sat on the living room floor with his pile of candy at his feet. Nice try Anthony but you are still not going to eat all that candy!

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween. I will try to post some pictures of our little witches and goblins soon. They are on the laptop and the laptop is at school with Jeremiah right now.