A night out

I can't remember the last time Jeremiah and I went out but I'm sure it was probably sometime in March when our parents were here visiting.

Last night we actually got away on a date. For my birthday last month Jeremiah presented me with tickets to go see BYU Chamber Orchestra while they were on tour in Boston. So I've spent the last month looking forward to our date and last night was the big night.

Camille Butler was nice enough to come over and stay with the kids and we hit the road ready for a chance to actually talk uninterrupted while we drove into Boston.

It was a lovely evening with a chance to be sitting in a historic concert hall listening to amazing music performed by the Orchestra. I think we both got a little laugh with ourselves as we caught ourselves thinking how much the kids would have enjoyed it as well. Funny how we look forward so much to getting away but then spend our time thinking of our children.


Sad Day!

I've been meaning to write for several days now but time has slipped away from me. Where does it all go?

Saturday morning I found out I was being released from my calling as Second Counselor in the Primary Presidency. I was a little shocked at my feelings of sadness over this but I guess it is always hard to see a good thing end. Saturday I spent the day trying to hold back my tears and Sunday they all broke loose. Maybe if I had cried over it on Saturday I wouldn't have been so out of control on Sunday. I managed to get through my last sharing time without crying but cried during just about everything else. Looking back on it now I am a bit embarrassed at how I couldn't keep from crying. I'm going to blame it on hormones. I am an emotional person to begin with but when you add pregnancy to the equation the end result is not pretty.

I have really enjoyed my time with the primary children and will really miss them. I have learned so much from the 3 sisters I have worked with and am so grateful for their friendship.

It has been about 3 years since I've been to Relief Society or Sunday School so I have a feeling it will be quite an adjustment! I wonder if I can even sit still that long. I never seemed to do much sitting in primary.

I still have my calling as Ward Organist but wasn't called to anything else. I really don't think that will last so I will have to wait and see what comes my way.


For all my non-ninja friends...

Ah, the perfect Sabbath day post!

We laughed HARD at this one. If you have never watched an episode at askaninja.com, then stop and take one in.

Ninjormon? I guess not--I've always considered my self as more of a follower of Kung-formon or maybe a Tae-kwan-dormon master.


Personality? Me?

Here are some of the results from a personality test I took at signalpatterns.com. Some of the questions were ambiguous, but I found that the site returned a profile that was surprising accurate. Tamara even thought the description was realistic.

Visit SignalPatterns.com
to get your own!

People like Jeremiah Jones


Mother's Day Surprises!

This past weekend seemed to be full of all kinds of fun. Friday afternoon I was able to visit Natalie's kindergarten class for a Mother's Day tea party. A neighbor came and sat with Abigail (who was napping) and Trevor so it was nice to just have some time with Natalie and her class. The class sang two little songs they had been working on and presented us each with a potted plant complete with colorfully decorated pots, and little books they had written. We were then served muffins and iced tea. Natalie was upset that they were having iced tea but I told her we would just not have any. Sometimes it is really cute how concerned my children are with caffeine drinks. It was a fun way to start the Mother's day weekend.

Saturday I went with Natalie to a birthday party and Jeremiah and the kids stayed home to work on their "projects". When we got home I tried hard to stay out of their way and not really pay attention to what they were working on.

I really had no idea what they were making but laughed when I kept hearing Trevor say, "Dad, that's a really cool birdhouse!" The secret was blown. Oh well. I was still very much surprised when the birdhouse/bird feeder was put up in our little garden. It looks great and Anthony was able to pass off several cub scout requirements while making it. We have all enjoyed watching the little house sparrows coming to eat out of the bird feeder and this morning we had a surprise visit from a blue jay as well.

Even with our church starting at 9am on Sunday Jeremiah and the kids still made me a wonderful breakfast of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit. It was delicious and we even made it to church on time! Lunch was served to me afterwards and since I had mentioned that french toast sounded good that was what we had. The kids thought it was great to have another breakfast for lunch. I then was given a great Mother's Day gift. The chance to take a nap without interruption. I didn't realize I was so tired but crashed for 2 1/2 hours. It was 5 pm when Jeremiah came in to see if I was still alive. Man that felt good! I was pampered some more and Jeremiah and the kids made dinner. BBQ London Broil, french bread, Parmesan zucchini, cantaloupe and blackberries.

The kids all had little gifts of flowers they had made at school, scouts, or activity days. My China hutch is now so full of colorful flowers and Trevor even gave up having his baby doll for the day so I could have a turn with him. So sweet!

It was a wonderful day to spend with my family and I have thought of it often these last few days as the business of the week is setting in.