Black out bullying

The governor of the state of Massachusetts declared today "No Name Calling Day" to help students understand that bullying will not be tolerated. The schools asked the kids to wear black today to show that they are committed to "Black Out Bullying"

My kids all came home from school yesterday very excited and looked through their closets to make sure they had black clothes ready for the big day. As I was helping Abigail get dressed this morning I pulled out her black pants and black shirt. She was a little confused because to Abigail wearing black means you are a "bad guy". I reminded her that it was "Black Out Bullying Day" She got all excited and didn't ask any more questions so I assumed they had talked about it in her classroom. As she was finishing getting dressed she turned to me and asked, "Do we really get to go bowling?"

Now I was really confused. Where did she come up with the idea that we were going bowling? Then I realized that when we were talking about bullying she thought we were saying "bowling". Poor girl was so excited because she thought we were going bowling when all she gets is wearing black to school and looking like a bad guy. She was a good sport about the confusion and went happily to school in her black clothes. Guess we will have to plan a bowling trip soon so Abigail can go bowling for real!


Love language

Whose is this?

 Whose is this?



I wonder if my kids would be impressed if they saw who was hiding behind some seldom used icons on the desktop of my work computer?