7 days - 7 pounds

I think I'm beginning to understand how Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, lost 27 pounds in two months. His "Twinkie diet" consisted of eating nothing but snack cakes during the day and a can of vegetables at the dinner table in front of his kids. Why did he choose Twinkies? Prepackaged foods, especially those that do not vary in weight or nutritional make-up from one package to the next, are very easy to log if you are keeping a food journal as your dieting strategy.

I decided that the week with the kids away in Utah would be the perfect time for me to try out the Twinkie diet. I'd already lost a lot of weight on my calorie logging diet -- 10 pounds over 3 months, yea! -- so I wasn't expecting any huge acceleration in weight loss from switching from "normal" food to Twinkies.

But that's where I was wrong.

I have lost 7 pounds over the past 7 days, and I did it by eating fruit pies, Pop Tarts, and Twinkies. Okay, I drank a protein shake in the morning, and had some fruits and veggies (all weighed out to the fraction of an ounce), but it was mostly "junk" food. I don't think those 7 pounds are just water weight because I have made a point to drink plenty of liquids--mostly water. There were a few days when my caloric intake was lower than the 1800 calories that signify my daily budget, but that was because I wasn't hungry!

I'm curious now to see what happens to my weight loss trend as I start eating "normal" foods again now that the kids will be at my meals with me.


Cookie Bar

My friend Jill and I put together a baby shower for two of our friends. We wanted to do something simple and different. Jill found the idea of doing a cookie bar and we started collecting different looking jars, asked people to bring different cookies, made labels for the jars, and this was the end result. Served along with cold chocolate, strawberry, and regular milk it was a fun looking table and tasty as well.