Our first plant

Not that kind of plant. Aaand not that kind either.

We're planning on planting our first letterbox, and we needed to come up with some kind of stamp. Most of the stamps we've found on our letterboxing adventures thus far have been hand-carved, which seems to be a matter that serious letterboxers take some pride in.

I decided to try my hand at it.

Now we just need to come up with the spot in which to plant the box...


Not Again!?!

So last week Trevor got a honorary post because of his incident of swallowing his CTR ring. I'm still trying to figure out if he is trying to get mentioned most in our family journal or if he just has some uncontrollable urges to discover cause and effect.

Yesterday Trevor and Abigail were fighting (screaming at the top of their lungs) over a game. The game got taken away and they were each sent to their beds for a time out. I was quite proud of myself and how calmly I handled the situation. Trevor kept screaming at me when I took the game away but I quietly walked out of his room and shut the door. I went back downstairs to start making dinner and a few minutes later Trevor opened his door and asked if he could blow his nose. I told him yes and went back to cutting my peppers for fajitas. Pretty soon Trevor was sobbing and coming downstairs. He was trying to tell me something but I had no idea what he was saying. He wrapped his arms around me and I noticed that it wasn't the angry cry from earlier but it was a scared cry. And then I finally understood what he was saying. Mixed in with his sobs I was able to pick out the words "LEGO" and "NOSE". That was all I needed to piece it all together and then I was furious, extremely furious. This was the same child that a week ago put his CTR ring in his mouth and "accidentally" swallowed it and now he stuck a lego up his nose? I quickly sent Trevor back up to sit on his bed because I didn't trust myself to be around him (that's how angry I was) and called Jeremiah to have him come home. I could see the lego up inside Trevor's nose but I was afraid of pushing it further in while trying to get it out. Jeremiah came home with some forceps and the lego was easily removed.

But now I'm left to wonder why my 6 year old is doing this. Should I tape something over his ears to keep him from trying to put something in there next week?


Time Out!

I spent this past weekend in time out and had a great time!

Friday afternoon I drove out to Connecticut with some friends and attended Time Out For Women put on by Deseret Book. I heard some inspiring talks, amazing music, ate delicious food (my first time at Cheesecake Factory!), and slept very little. I think those things are a great combination for a fabulous time! It was a great get away and even though I was gone a little over 24 hours I was greatly missed and had kids climbing all over me as soon as I walked in the door Saturday evening. Emersynne was quick to run into my arms yelling, "Hi! Hi! Hi! Ewie!" as she pointed to her diaper. What a great way to be welcomed back!


Video chat sewing lessons

When I was a little girl my grandmother taught me to sew. I remember very clearly doing sewing projects with my cousin and my grandmother very patiently coaching us along. Those are fond memories but any other sewing projects are not looked upon with fond memories. I've come to realize that I don't like sewing and I don't have the patience for sewing. Lately I've felt some regret at my lack of patience and skill when I've seen the cute things my cousin Jennifer and my sister Julia have made. Then I quickly talk myself out of trying because I couldn't possibly fit anything into my very full schedule. So why torture myself right?

Well, a few months ago my sister made Abigail a really cute skirt and then went on to tell me how easy it was to make and that I could do it no problem. She even went out and bought me some material and mailed it to me so I couldn't come up with any excuses. The material has sat on my desk the last month while I've finished up some projects but monday night I tackled the skirt. Since my sister and I live VERY far away from each other we relied on video chat for the project. She made one along with me and coached me through each step giving me the confidence I needed to attempt sewing after so many years of staying as far away from the sewing machine as possible. In a few hours I had made a skirt for Natalie and I didn't have to rip out any stitches or my hair for that matter. I'm sure it would have been more fun if I could have physically been at my sisters house but I do have to admit that I had fun learning from my sister and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Before I went to bed I laid the skirt at the end of Natalie's bed feeling like a kid at Christmas with the excitement of my accomplishment. I do have to say that I was very proud of myself for giving sewing another try. I still don't really like sewing but I do have plans to make a few more skirts for my other girls and who knows what else that will lead to.

Natalie was very excited with her new skirt and wore it to school the next day.


Look who's two!

My how time flies. Emersynne turned two on Saturday and even though she really had no idea what the day was her older brothers and sisters sure were excited.

We took advantage of the nice weather and everybody being home and went apple picking. Emersynne wasn't too sure of the hay ride out to the orchard but she really loved walking among the rows and rows of apple trees and munching on apples.

This was an exciting day for Michaela because she was able to bite into an apple now that she has her braces off. We all had a great time tasting the different apples as we filled up our bags. We now have a really large supply of apples and have already enjoyed apple crisp, apple bread, and just plain apples.

We completed our day with a little b-day party and Emersynne loved the attention. She has started talking a lot and sometimes catches us by surprise with her little phrases. She was quick to say "again" after she blew out the candles and we humored her with one more turn. After serving her some cake and ice cream she gave us a big smile and one word that said it all. "Yum!"


He did what?

Those were my exact words to Michaela when she called me Friday night and told me to "brace for impact". Not exactly what you want to hear from your daughter that you left babysitting.

Jeremiah and I left Friday night to go run a few errands and then I would drop him off at school and I would get the grocery shopping done. With only one car we've learned how to divide and conquer so we can still get everything done. School is on the other side of town but there is a nice grocery store just down the street so we often take advantage of our at home babysitter to get things done. Before we left the house we had gotten the little kids into bed and Michaela was working on homework and Anthony was reading. Knowing this would help prevent conflicts between the kids I was surprised when my phone rang just a few minutes after we had left the house.

Before I had gotten off the phone with Michaela we had turned around and were heading back home. Trevor had swallowed his CTR ring. I'm still trying to figure out what my six year old son was doing with his CTR ring in his mouth!

So now the process begins of waiting for the CTR ring reappear.


First day of school

The day finally arrived. I had some children excited and some children anxious and almost scared. I really wish we could find out teachers BEFORE the first day of school. I think it would make a huge difference in the anxiety but then I guess it really wouldn't have mattered either way for Trevor since his teacher this year is new to the school. I went with the kids to school and helped them find their names on the class list and got them situated in their class lines.

Since Trevor's teacher was new Trevor was still really nervous and really didn't want me to leave but he put on a brave face and waved and walked into the school. Anthony was excited with his teacher and excited that some of his good friends are in his class this year. We were not excited to find out that the school bully that constantly picks on my sweet Anthony is in his class AGAIN and sits right next to him in class. We have already written a letter to the teacher expressing our concerns at the situation so hopefully it won't be an issue this year. Natalie found her friends and was excited to be back at school. Michaela was actually excited to back to school and being in 8th grade this year she did not have any anxiety of starting at a new school. Guess we will get to do that next year.

The kids all came home with good reports of their first day and hopefully the year will continue to be a good one for everyone.

The house was extremely quiet with only two home and I don't think Abigail really understands what it all means. Yesterday she picked up on the kids excitement of the first day of school but this morning as they were getting ready again her comment was, "you're going to school again!?!" It will be interesting to see how she adjusts to have the older kids gone all day.

Here is the crew on the first day of school. Michaela's bus left at 6:50 so I didn't get a picture of her but will try tomorrow. She is excited for a picture since she got her braces off the day before school started.


The summer business

At the end of the school year Natalie's 2nd grade class sold freeze pops at recess to help earn money for their field trip to the zoo. Natalie then came home with the idea of selling freeze pops during the summer. The kids had a good time and it was good for them to keep track of the money, count the money, and figure out how much was to be paid in tithing. I think the grand total of earnings was $18.00. Not bad. Next summer they want to move it up a notch and sell ice cream sandwiches, fudge pops, and drumsticks.

Natalie designed and made the sign that was put up in our window. The kids were quick to tell their friends that they wouldn't be selling freeze pops on Sunday's or during nap time.