Home Alone - Day 9

I scream!

You scream!

We all run outside in 90+% humidity and mob the purple truck for a cheap and cool sugar high!

Yes, kids, that is an Amazing Spider-Man popsicle. Next to me is Mike from Custom Genetics.

This post has been brought to you compliments of Athena Diagnostic's Corporate Activities Committee.


Home Alone - Day 7

Bwa ha ha ha!

[link removed...]


Home Alone - Day 5

So, I've been busy prepping for the new desk today. This is our room..


Home Alone - Day 4

Blah. Came home sick today. This is all kinds of fun.


Home Alone - Day 3

Tired. It's just past six and I'm in my jammies on the way to bed.


Home Alone - Day 2

Bachelor unpacking.

Yea! Less dishes!

Eating whatever I like...?

Oh, problem.

Solution–bachelor shopping!


Home Alone - Day 1

I'm home!

I had a great time on vacation in Utah, but I had to leave so I could come back and go to work.

I've got a headache now, so I ate my bachelor dinner (yogurt) and am going to lay down. More later.


Okay, I lied.

One picture:

The Jones and Wendel boys, including the "twins"



Emersynne is crawling!

After having my last three babies crawl at twelve months this caught me off guard. It is exciting but I wasn't ready for a mobile baby. She is getting fast and always goes straight for plugs and cords. Even when we cover them up she knows they are there and tries her best to get to them. So far the girls room is her safe haven. We have totally baby proofed it and the girls are really good about making sure things are always picked up off the floor. The rest of the house is another story!

Fourth of July

Saturday was two days in a row without rain and we made the most of it. We started off our morning with the flag raising ceremony at our church. Anthony participated in the flag raising and was excited to have the job of clipping the flag onto the flagpole. He told me later that he was so glad he hadn't put the flag on upside down. I hadn't event thought of that possibility and I too am glad he got the flag on the correct way!

It was a rather long ceremony with three speakers and a musical number and Emersynne was ready for her nap. It didn't make for a very good combination but we had a good time. After naps we headed out again and spent some time exploring the Old Stone Church on the Wachusett Resevoir. The kids especially liked throwing rocks and skipping rocks into the water. I even managed to skip a few rocks.

It was really windy and at times the water looked like it had waves as the wind blew over the top.

After leaving the resevoir we headed to the Rail Trail and went for a walk. Because the trail is so enclosed in the trees it is protected from the wind. It was a short walk since a big portion of the trail is still closed off from beaver damage but we did find a baby turtle and put it safely on the side of the trail. Abigail thought it was so neat and cute until we asked if she wanted to hold it. Wish I had gotten a picture of that face!

We had so much fun outside that it was about seven-thirty before we sat down to eat dinner which meant it was close to nine before we got kids into bed. It was a great day but unfortunately we had to deal with grumpy children (and grumpy mommy and daddy) at church since we were all up so late. It was an early bedtime Sunday night for us all!

Crazy baby

We finally got it on video. Emersynne gets so excited about things and uses her whole body to show it. We often hear her whole crib shaking when she is playing instead of sleeping. She is such a happy baby (most of the time) and it has been so much fun to watch her personality grow and develop even more.


We have survived!

Well, amazingly we have survived our first full week of summer vacation. With all this rain we've been having it has been a bit of a challenge.

Monday was our stay at home and clean day and the girls and I totally cleaned their room and even moved around some furniture. They are excited with the new look of their room and I'm excited that it opens up the room and gives them more space to play.

Tuesday we planned a picnic at the park and the weather actually cooperated and we didn't get rained on. We all had a great time being outside and nobody wanted to come home. It was poor Emersynne that convinced us we needed to go home so she could get a nap.

Wednesday and Thursday were more of the same. Rain, Rain, and lots of Rain! We went to the library Thursday morning to get out of the house, did crafts, made cupcakes, played Hide and Go Seek and tried to come up with other ways to keep from going crazy.

The cupcake crew

Anthony and Natalie's masterpieces. I knew that Christmas candy would come in handy eventually!

Trevor was more interested in eating instead of creating and Abigail's never made it to the decorating phase. She just ate the frosting and candy out of her bowl and then started in on her cupcake. She had a good time so I guess that is what really matters!

Jeremiah is home from work today and the sun is shining! Looks like it will be a good day! Time to get outside and enjoy the day.