Weird Science

Not really so weird science today, but it was a Halloweenesque title.

The kids and I filled up some balloons today and sent up a likeness of Jack Skellington to see where it would end up.


I love group costumes

I'm so excited to have coworkers who really know how to have fun. Check out these group costumes. First, Custom Genetics dressed up as the characters from Mario Cart.

Some of us from various departments were the crew of the Enterprise.


Thinly veiled

Governor Schwarzenegger has many fine qualities, I'm sure, but
recent events in Cali should remind us that, after all, he was
only a Hollywood celebrity going into his governorship, and he
will continue to look for ways to further his celebrity.

Unfortunately, the Californians are stuck with him. I hope he
performs better for them in the future and cleans up his act!!


Not Close to Home, but still--close to home

Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD) comics have long been a favorite of mine because of their humorous and accurate portrayal of grad student life. I sometimes laugh, and sometimes cry when I read the latest installment from Jorge Cham, but I always marvel at how the essence of grad student life has been captured.

Today's comic was not a "funny-ha ha" comic.

please visit phdcomics.com for the best of grad student humor

Dralien = dragon + alien? (Game's I'd let my kids play #6)


Oatmeal face and crazy hair

Need I say more?

What mountain?

On Columbus Day we headed out for a little adventure. Not ever having been up to Wachusett Mountain we were curious to check it out. It seems a little strange to drive on the freeway and see signs for the mountain and not be able to see it in sight anywhere. I guess coming from Utah the word "mountain" gives me a whole different vision. With an elevation of 2,006 ft. it is a little mountain in my eyes but I guess out here that is a mountain. At least we didn't have much of a windy drive to get to the top.

In spite of the cooler temperatures and the wind we had a great time exploring and checking out the beautiful fall colors.

The kids had fun sitting on the ski lift but then got worried that it would start up and carrying them down the mountain.

Sometimes they actually like each other! This was one of those days.

Mirror image.
I would have loved to have gotten shots of all the kids like this but I know somebody would have ended up in the water.

Is it possible?

I think I'm still in denial but I guess it was bound to happen sooner than later. I now have a twelve year old. Yikes! Earlier this month the long awaited for birthday arrived and now Michaela is official! I'm not sure which she was more excited for. Being able to sit in the front seat of the car or joining the Young Women Program. Ok so I'm pretty sure Young Women wins on that one but she has really enjoyed sitting in the front seat. It is a rather grown up thing to be doing.

She had a good weekend with a birthday party the day before her birthday and then our family party on her birthday. I still can't believe I have a twelve year old. Am I old enough for this? Where has all the time gone?


My plan backfired!

This morning, just before it was time for Michaela to head out to catch the bus I opened the back door and noticed it was snowing. Not something I was excited about (I don't like being cold) but I knew the kids would be excited. I asked Jeremiah if he wanted to see what chaos I started by shouting to the kids that it was snowing. Jeremiah ran upstairs to get the camera and then gave me the "go ahead" that he was ready to start filming the kids. I yelled out, "It's snowing!" and soon heard Anthony running down the stairs to come see. He ran across the linoleum floor in the kitchen and stopped himself by putting his hands up on the window of the back door. The glass shattered and in my surprise I cried out, "ANTHONY!" I was worried that he had gotten hurt but he thought he was in trouble. He quickly started apologizing and I ran over to look at his hands. He told me he was fine and didn't get hurt but I looked down at his hands and found a gash on his pointer finger where the finger joins the palm of the hand. I guess that's what I get for causing chaos.

So, instead of Anthony going to school this morning and Jeremiah going to work this morning they took a trip to the emergency room. Anthony now has four stitches in his finger/hand and has it splinted to keep him from bending it. After a few days the splint can come off and in about ten days the stitches will come out.

Anthony learned not to bang on glass and I learned there is already enough chaos in my life and I probably don't need to add any more to it!

The video just made it to youtube!


57 years

Thanks to Google, you may have already heard that the first barcode was patented 57 years ago today.

Happy Birthday, barcode!

(Make your own here, or decode one here.)