This is what Christmas means

Now I feel bad. I'll take a better picture and post it later, but what you don't see very well here is that Natalie, when I gave her some paper and some crayons, drew a picture of the Holy Birth and titled it "This is what Christmas means" and added the caption "Jesus Christ is born." That makes me feel good. I still have a long way to go to be the parent I want to be, but I must be doing something right.


Freedom Trail

After living in Massachusetts for ten years we figured it was time for us to experience the Freedom Trail. Since the kids had the day off Jeremiah decided to take it off and we planned for an all day outing. It was a beautiful day so we stopped at Boston Commons and played at the park.

I think the kids would have been completely happy to just spend the day at the park but we really wanted to see the sights.

Our first stop was the State House and we even got a tour of the inside. Very impressive!

The kids were fascinated with the cemetery. We found tombstones for several famous people. Natalie really wanted to make sure we found where Paul Revere was buried. She was well informed of his part in history and Natalie wanted to make sure we saw the church where the candles were lit (we got to go inside that church as well) and the house where Paul Revere lived.

Because of Trevor's accident yesterday we had a bandaid on his lip. It really made him look like he had a mustache so Jeremiah added the final touch of special effects. We had several complete strangers stop us on the streets of Boston to tell Trevor that they liked his mustache. Trevor thought it was so cool. He wasn't excited about wearing a bandaid but that all changed when the bandaid became a mustache.

We did a lot of walking but somehow the kids still had energy to run around at the Boston Children's Museum. It was a great day!

Another Year Older...

....and wiser too! Happy Birthday Michaela.

Yesterday was Michaela's birthday. Between early morning seminary, school, and the youth temple trip we decided to celebrate Michaela's birthday on Monday. Everyone was home from school since it was Columbus day so we had all day to party.

These two are so good at pushing each others buttons so I always look for any chance I can get to capture the tender moments.

For the last three years Michaela has decorated her own birthday cake. It is something she looks forward to and it has been fun to see her improving her decorating skills.

I found these flowers for Michaela and as soon as I saw these bright and colorful flowers it made me think of her. Michaela brings so much brightness and color to our house and my life is so much better because she is in it!

Yesterday Michaela got to spend lots of time with mommy and daddy. Jeremiah taught her seminary class in the morning and because of our good friend offering to sit with the other kids that night both Jeremiah and I were able to go to the temple with Michaela. Michaela thought it was a great way to end her birthday.