I knew it was coming but it is still strange to have to admit that I have a teenager in my house. Monday was Michaela's 13th birthday. The kids were off of school so Jeremiah took the day off as well. We celebrated all day long and started off by driving out to the Boston Temple to work on the temple grounds. We played in the dirt, pulled weeds, dug for worms, swept the walkways, and planted tulip bulbs.

Abigail was fascinated with the worms

I know it looks like Emersynne has been eating dirt but it's just a oreo cookie face!

Towards the end Trevor was getting tired of working so started taking photos instead

Of course we finished up the day with pizza for dinner and a birthday party. We crammed a lot into our day and it was fun to have everybody home all day long!

The kids all had fun shopping for Michaela's present and even more fun watching her open them!

Happy Birthday Michaela!

Time away for two

Last weekend Jeremiah and I were able to get away for two days without children. It was our first Cape Cod experience and we had a great time. We took our bikes and found a great trail. Our 7 mile bike ride turned into an 18 mile bike ride when I suggested we continue on and ride out to see the cranberry bogs. It was a flat easy ride but my legs were not happy with me at all by the time we were done!

It was really fun to be riding beside the ocean but it was really windy

Nobska Light House

Saturday morning we woke up early even though we didn't have kids getting us up and walked a mile or so to the beach.

Our last adventure before driving back was heading out to Provincetown and visiting Pilgrim Monument. It was such a windy day that we almost felt like we were going to be blown off the top of the tower but the view was amazing up there!

We had a great time, missed our kids, were missed by our kids, and are so thankful for our brave friends for taking on six more children for two days.


Blast from the Russian Past

Here are some photos from my mission in Russia.

My first area right was located right on the Volga River in Saratov.

My first experience cooking a turkey.

This is Oleg and Elder Simon in Togliatti.

This handful is Mifa. (Really, Misha, but he couldn't say "sh.") I think he's actually on or just back from a mission now.


Fill your home with music

Tamara is currently accepting motivated student and parent teams for piano instruction. She has seventeen years of piano teaching experience and a college degree in music that she uses to propel her students into the world of music. If you want to help your child progress in their piano experience, please read Tamara's policy below and sign your student up today!

Making music requires a lot of work, but there is a great thrill when a student performs, inspires, and uplifts others.

Success for your child will depend largely upon your involvement as a parent. Help your child daily with their practice at home by doing the following:

1. Remind students to practice
2. Work out a daily practice schedule that blends with the routine at home.
3. Help students work out an alternate schedule for practice when conflicts arise.
4. Create a quiet atmosphere conductive to practicing.
5. Cheer the students’ effort and praise their accomplishments.

In order to complete assignments and continue improving, students need to practice daily and record their practice time on their practice chart.

Lessons are 45 minutes each week. Please attend on time and bring all of your books. It is important to let me know ahead of time if you will be missing a lesson so arrangements can be made for a make-up lesson. You will be charged for all “no shows.”

Master Class:
Master Class is a group lesson with all my students and allows an opportunity for students to perform for each other in an informal setting as well as developing music skills through games. Please encourage your student(s) to attend. Master Class will be once a month during the summer and once every other month during the school year. If you are unable to attend the upcoming class or future classes, please let me know ahead of time!

$25 each week for 45 minute lessons. Tuition is due the first lesson of the month.

Materials Needed:
Spiral notebook: to keep track of assignments
Books: In addition to lesson books, I encourage students to pick out songs they would like to play to be worked on at lessons and on their own.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment on this post.

Tamara W. Jones