A few days ago the little girls and I stopped at Jeremiah's work to drop something off. Jeremiah met us in the parking lot and had a little treat for each of the girls. He handed each of them an individually wrapped lifesaver and carefully explained that they were to suck on and not chew. The girls were so excited and quickly popped them into their mouths.

Jeremiah and I were carrying on a conversation when all of a sudden we heard Emersynne say to Abigail, "You suck" to which Abigail responded with a "no, you suck" and then Emersynne again saying, "you suck too Abigail."

Good to know they were watching out for each other and making sure they were sucking on their lifesavers. Sure hope we didn't shock anybody that may have been walking by our car at just the right moment.


The last day of school

Finally! I think we felt like this day would never come. The month has dragged on and on and on. We've blazed our way through homework, projects, and field trips and now summer vacation is here. The weather sure isn't very summer like though. We met the kids at the bus stop this afternoon with our jackets and umbrellas. We've had rain and cool temperatures for the last two days. Looks like our strawberry picking activity for tomorrow might have to be put on hold.


We have a graduate in our house and now the next step is High School. Wow! That sounds scary! Because of all the snow days we've had this school year Michaela was forced to decide between missing her first youth conference at Palmyra, New York, or missing her Junior High School Graduation. For a few weeks she went back and forth and then an opportunity came up for her to attend her graduation and go out to New York later in the day.

We attended Michaela's graduation and were all surprised when the Principal got up and started to describe the student the faculty and staff and picked to receive the Principal's award. Suddenly I realized that everything they were saying matched with Michaela. Michaela was completely shocked when her name was called and she went up to receive her award. We are really proud of Michaela and I'm so glad she was able to work things out so she could be at her graduation AND go to Youth Conference.


Mystery Solved

I found the clothes Emersynne "put" away last night. After looking all over the house, I found them when I wasn't even looking for them. Isn't that always the way it is? Instead of putting them in her drawer she had put them under her pillow. Silly girl. Now I will know where to look next time.

The missing clothes

Yesterday after folding laundry I gave Emersynne a little pile of her clothes to go put away. She has done this before and is always excited to be treated like a big girl. She loves to help!

Last night when it was time to put her jammies on they were nowhere to be found. I then realized that her jammies got washed and were in the pile I had her put away. I have looked all over the house for that pile of clothes and they seem to have disappeared. Of course when I ask Emersynne where she put them I just get a blank stare. I've checked her drawer, her closet, the laundry basket, and in the other laundry baskets. Jeremiah suggested I look in the trash. Not a happy thought but I guess it is worth looking into.

Next time I give her clothes to put away I think I will follow her to make sure they get put in her drawer!

If Emersynne keeps this up she may have to start dressing like this. Anthony thought it was funny to dress her in his hat, sweatshirt, and shoes.


Field trip

Last week I got to go with Natalie's third grade class to visit the Higgins Armory. Natalie had been excited about her field trip for weeks and was really excited that I got chosen to go as a chaperon. We had a great time learning about armor, family crests, and battles.

Natalie was so excited to play "giant chess" with her friends in the museum play room

Natalie and her third grade class


If I Were A Rich Man

Jeremiah and I surprised Michaela with tickets to Fiddler On The Roof for her graduation present. It was nice to do something with just the three of us. The theater was pretty amazing and the play was awesome. It was a late night but it was worth it!


Strawberries galore!

Yesterdays project was taking care of the piles of really ripe and sweet strawberries. We now have four batches of freezer jam and bags of strawberries in the freezer. Abigail and Eme had so much fun picking strawberries and now they want to take the other kids when school is out. Looks like we have our first day of summer vacation all planned.


The big 5!

We now have a five year old at our house and she can't wait to start kindergarten in the fall. We had a fun filled day that started with strawberry picking and ended with a party. It was a very hot day so we made sure to hit the strawberry fields as early as possible. As soon as the other kids got on the bus we were on our way and were picking strawberries at 8:15. I was surprised at how fast it went and in just 45 minutes the girls and I had picked 17 pounds of strawberries. Yummy!

Can you tell that Eme enjoyed eating the strawberries while picking. I was glad I picked out a pink shirt for her to wear. It hid the strawberry juice stains!

The birthday girl!

A trip to the farm wouldn't be complete without a fresh strawberry donut and some playtime at the playground.

The girls had such a great time playing on the slides and swings but by 10am it was really hot so we headed home to play in the water and have a picnic lunch.

Later that evening our friends the Deskins joined us for dinner, presents, cake and ice cream. Abigail kept saying it was the best day even.