A Few days after the attack

Trevor has been a good sport with his fat lip. Just a few days after the event it is amazing how much better it looks.



Abigail clobbered Trevor yesterday. They were outside playing with their swim noodle light sabers. They have a PVC pipe handle and of course Trevor got hit with the PVC pipe end. Poor guy. He knew it was an accident and he tried so hard to be brave but it is hard to be brave when you are bleeding a lot. He also thought his tooth had fallen out and we were relieved when we discovered it was just his gum. After several hours in the ER he was put back together with six stitches. They are the magical dissolving kind so we don't have to worry about going back in to get them taken out. Trevor is in good spirits even with his extremely fat lip, very sore mouth, and the fact that he has a restricted diet. Stay tuned for a "after" picture. I'm sure in a couple of days it will look lots better.