Jesus said, "Love everyone"

...but he didn't say that you have to love everyone's lifestyle or their attempts to impose it on society.

Here's a video from protectmarriage.com that accurately describes my feelings on why I think that Californians should vote YES on Proposition 8 this November.

And here's my mom in her youtube debut:


What is marriage equality, anyway?

To start off with, I'd like to apologize to Arnold Friberg. When my mom forwarded me the following graphic of Samuel the Lamanite, I couldn't help trying my own hand.

So I'm raising the standard, so to speak.

So, back to the question–what is "marriage equality?" Anyone can see that

To get a sum of five, you need to add two to three. That's how it's been forever. Since the beginning of time, to get five you needed to have a two and a three. No matter how much two and two want to add up to five, they are still only four. (And three and three are six, which is still not five.) I don't hate any twos or threes. There is nothing wrong with any two or three, but that doesn't mean that I should be expected to believe that two and two is five.

Do you feel bad for pairs of twos who want to be more than they are? Should you let them say that they are five when they are not? What would be the consequence of such a false entitlement? Since five is such a basic concept, it's dissolution would throw the ordered workings of the remainder of mathematics into complete disarray. Even simple arithmetic would be impossible. Axioms long accepted would cease to hold any truth, and logic would sink into decay.

So, that's this math geek's take on the situation, at any rate. Pretty hot topic, and I'm definitely not lukewarm about it.


Jay Leno has nothing on me

This post comes to you from deep within the bowels of the office of Michaela's orthodontist because there's an unprotected...



So, I just wanted to share this funny graphic that I pulled off of AT&T's website as I was wishfully researching iPhone availability. Can you spot the conundrum?

Not to (again) bag on my peers who suffer from lack of Californian education, but, just for them, I here provide...



It's amazing!

My baby actually sleeps! Emersynne is now six weeks old and has been sleeping 5-7 hour stretches at night. For my babies, that is so unheard of. The first six weeks are spent trudging through every two hour night time feedings. The other night we even got an eight hour stretch in there. Now, if I could get used to going to bed right when the baby does I would probably be in much better shape. There just seems to be something about getting all the kids into bed and never having the work done or if by magic it happens to be all done, feeling the need to pick up a book and do something for myself for a change.

I wish I had some magic formula to pass on to you for our sleeping success. It just seems that Emersynne came to us that way. I think Heavenly Father figured I needed all the help I could get.


12261 Days

I'm breaking my blog silence to bring you this news flash:

I am a math geek.

Maybe you already knew, but, in case you need convincing, let me drop this on you--today is the one day that my age will be equal to the sum of the ages of my six beautiful children. The short equation (in days) is...


Those of you who didn't go to school in California might realize that there's an error in that equation. Those of you who were educated in the Golden State will see why the equation works.

Speaking of days, have any of you ever read Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy? I don't want you to get the impression that I'm obsessed with dates, but there were a few lines that really resonated with me. The quote below describes the heroine of the story as she is on the cusp of womanhood and for the first time seriously considers the path that her life is taking.

She philosophically noted dates as they came past in the revolution of the year; the disastrous night of her undoing at Trantridge with its dark background of The Chase; also the dates of the baby's birth and death; also her own birthday; and every other day individualized by incidents in which she had taken some share. She suddenly thought one afternoon, when looking in the glass at her fairness, that there was yet another date, of greater importance to her than those; that of her own death, when all these charms would have disappeared; a day which lay sly and unseen among all the other days of the year, giving no sign or sound when she annually passed over it; but not the less surely there. When was it? Why did she not feel the chill of each yearly encounter with such a cold relation? She had Jeremy Taylor's thought that some time in the future those who had known her would say: "It is the ----th, the day that poor Tess Durbeyfield died"; and there would be nothing singular to their minds in the statement. Of that day, doomed to be her terminus in time through all the ages, she did not know the place in month, week, season or year.

Just so I don't seem like all gloom and doom, let me share the following quote from Charles Dickens as well. "Old Time, that greatest and longest established spinner of all!.... his factory is a secret place, his work is noiseless, and his hands are mutes."

The secret working of time is terribly interesting to me, and the concept is one that I have no problem thinking of for long periods of--wait for it--TIME. In fact, I also enjoy thinking about thinking about time. Have you ever thought about how you think about or visualize time? The year looks like this to me:

...except the divisions are months and the spiral is a counter-clockwise one.

I'm always curious how people think. How do you see time?



Monday the kids were home from school again and it was Grandma's last day with us. Another beautiful day and time spent outside. Unfortunately the need to get laundry done and the fact that we didn't have a car kept us close to home. The kids still managed to have fun playing at the playground and having fun with Grandma.

We tried to get Abigail in the picture with Grandma and the kids but she was so excited to be outside she didn't want to stand still long enough for a picture!

Anthony enjoying some snuggle time with Emersynne. She was being fussy but he sat and rocked her to sleep.

This is an outfit my Grandma (Nannie) sent for Emersynne. We just had to dress her up and pose her for pictures.

Sleeping babies always look so peaceful!


Saturday- Happy Birthday Michaela

Saturday was a big day at our house. Michaela turned eleven and Emersynne hit the one month mark. It was another beautiful fall day so we loaded up bikes and strollers and headed out to the Blackstone Valley Trail. Jeremiah was a trooper and rode his bike out there to meet us since we couldn't all fit in the van. That is the big disadvantage of having a large family and only one car. When family comes to visit it makes it very difficult to go anywhere all together.

The colors on the trees were so amazing and the warm weather made it so nice. In the seven years that we have lived in New England I think this is the most color I have seen. It really is amazing!

Michaela got to design and decorate her birthday cake. She had a little help from Grandma but wanted to do the rest herself. She was very excited with the end results.

The Eleven-year old and the one month old. Boy, there is nothing like having your oldest child turn eleven to make you feel old!

Since Jeremiah had meetings Saturday afternoon (stake conference) we spread out the birthday celebrations over two days. We had a birthday breakfast on Michaela's birthday and did her birthday dinner, presents, and cake and ice cream on Sunday. Michaela was fine with waiting another day to open her presents but the suspense was almost to much for the other kids. They couldn't wait for Michaela to open what they had bought for her. It was a very exciting weekend at our house!


On Friday the kids were out of school so we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to go walking on the West Boylston Rail Trail. The fall leaves were beautiful and the kids had a good time running around and trying to catch the falling leaves.

It was a little windy so we kept Emersynne tucked away in her stroller.
She didn't really like the bumpy ride but she tolerated it so we were able to stay out for quite awhile. We had some really tired children with tired legs and feet by the time we got home!

Everyone was fascinated with the big beautiful butterfly that decided to take a rest on Grandma Cindy's leg.


More pictures

All is well here and we are slowly adjusting to life with six children. We survived two weeks on our own and now my mom is here. Hopefully we will be able to survive long term after that! Emersynne is a good little baby and has even slept some long stretches at night. (6 hours) She isn't very consistent but I'm hoping that the fact that she has done it is a good sign of many more long stretches to come!

Abigail is showing her wild side and being your typical two year old in the terrible two stage. I think all these changes have affected her and we are trying to make sure she gets enough positive attention to make up for all the scolding she gets for her constant trouble making. She is so busy but so cute!

Abigail always wants to hold Emersynne but then isn't so sure about the whole thing

Trevor was so excited to finally get a chance to hold Emersynne. He was sick when she was born and didn't get to hold her until recently.

Snuggle time with Grandma Cindy

Look who found her thumb!

Natalie is always so excited to hold Emersynne

Daddy and all his girls!

At her two week check-up Emersynne was up to 9 lbs 4 oz. She has the chubby cheeks to prove that she is eating well!