Yeah, so today I'm grumpy. I got to "work" and realized that I didn't have enough time to get done what I needed to get done before I have to go make sure that my Intro Chem students don't kill each other in lab. I hate that. I had something all planned out, I am off by about half an hour in my calculations, so I have to scrap the experiment for today.

Wallow, wallow, wallow. Hit the desk repeatedly with fists. Stomp around the lab. Write a blog about being grumpy.

So, here's a picture of Trevor that I took while we were out shopping the other day. You can pretend that he was being a pill, but it's really just that he is so good at posing for me. He saw me pull out the camera, and decided to make faces. The one that turned out the best was his grumpy look.

This picture is my mascot for today.

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