Daddy's Cookin'!

Mr. Mom? That's me! Tamara and little Abigail left this morning for a week in Utah. Now I am running the show until she gets back. What kind of adventures await?

I have reached my goal for today--no deaths. Tamara has thankfully taken care of all the other particulars. All I had to do today was point the children in the right direction in the morning, microwave dinner, clean house, and make sure that everyone got to bed on time.

Everyone got to school, although I can't take much credit for that--Tamara was still here to help get them out the door. The dinner was easy. I took a container of enchiladas out of the freezer and warmed it in the microwave. Look at how happy the children are.

The dining room even looks pretty good still. See?

Ooooops. I forgot that there was one more thing--make sure that no one gets hurt. Yeah, that last one was going so well until Trevor ran into the living room, jumped onto the beanbag, fell off the other side, and banged his head on the coffee table. He put on a brave face for me, however, when I decided to document the damage.

I hope that things go better tomorrow. Right now I have to go upstairs and comfort Natalie, who is crying almost hysterically.

Something tells me this is going to be a long week.

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