A tribute to Trevor

My little guy just turned three! Trevor is really showing us how he is "a big boy" by having just completed his potty training. Between his liberation from diapers and recent birthday celebration, he has a lot to be excited about.

As we sat around the table eating Trevor's birthday feast, we all shared favorite memories about Trevor and some of his exploits. I sure got a kick out of what was said. Here it is...

Michaela: "When we call him a name--like 'mister-mister,' he always says, 'I not mistoh-mistoh. I Twevoh!'"

Natalie: "When we laugh at something funny that Trevor does, he says, 'It not funny!'"

Anthony: "Nothing. Oh, today we played cars."

Grandma Vicki: "Once, while I was babysitting him, I decorated his belly as a face and used his herniated umbilicus as a nose. Hee hee."

Grandpa Wally: "I remember when Trevor was upset one day as he sat in his highchair. He started waving his arms, so I waved my arms. He waved one arm. I waved my arm. I mimed what he did for some time, and he was entertained."

Daddy: "On each of the three emergency room trips that I have been on with Trevor, I have been impressed with how much he likes those hospital beds. He would just sit and enjoy the ride as I elevated and lowered the bed multiple times."

Tamara: [Referencing Trevor's white-water scare] "I like how well he floats."

Some of Trevor's best poses are those when he has his mouth open. Here he is "decorating" Easter cookies.

"Driving" a car at the mall with his mouth open

Appreciating his birthday cake

Sporting his new gear (mouth open and tongue out)

Showing that he knows the value of the mighty dollar (open)

In transport over his new Mater truck (open)

Enjoying a lemon jelly-filled donut (uhhhh... open)

At the gym (wow--mouth closed, but what is he doing with his face?)

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