Grandma Alert!

Grandma Cindy has just arrived. Natalie has been counting down the days until her arrival (see the countdown up top, there?), and will be able to wake up, run downstairs and jump on her air mattress tomorrow morning.

Let's hope that Grandma's up for a week long visit.

As we prepared for Grandma's stay with us, we pulled the chairs out of the dining room to do some sweeping. Trevor was so excited, becuase that meant that he could play "choo-choo." He actually had Tamara and me sitting on chairs that he had arranged in a little column as we chugged along at breakneck speed.


Jenn said...

I want to come play with Grandma Cindy. What fun it would be to jump on her bed every morning!

Kathryn said...

"It's always fun for everyone when Grandma comes!" or maybe it's the grandpa primary song. I can't remember.

vickiandwally said...

I'm trying not to be jealous!!!!
Go, Gramma Cindy!!!