I'm an action movie!

So, Tamara and I took some quizzes this evening to find out which classic movies we are most like.



What Classic Movie Are You?


angie said...

Tamara, have you even seen your movie?

I was cracking up when I saw that we had the same movie, and that Jeremiah had Indiana Jones. I can see him heaving objects out of his way and invented new ways to brave the world.

Tamara said...


I have only seen parts of my movie so I need to see the whole thing some day. I think we got it from the library awhile back but I couldn't stay away through all of it. I'm usually so tired by the time we start a movie that I never last through all of it.

Jeremiah's movie so fits him. Off to brave the new frontier and having fun while he's at it.

Jeremiah R. Jones said...