Nice. I think being two parents is bad for my health. I'm definitely coming down with something. I had a nap today, and it didn't help at all. When I woke up, I couldn't clear the cobwebs.

At least the kids and I had a fun time today. We started with breakfast at White Trash 'R' Us, I mean, Denny's. It never fails to amuse me to see the waitresses' eyes pop out when I bring in all my kids, and today I only had four of them. They were so well behaved, I think mostly because they were so busy eating.

Then we went to Mart of Walls. Boy, you can have so much fun when you have endless opportunity to indulge your eccentricities. I can't wait until we all know how to set the alarms on the watches in the jewelry department.

Well, the laundry couldn't be put off like cleaning the dishes. I can't wear paper underwear--not comfortably, at any rate, I'm sure. Styrofoam wouldn't be much better either. As a man, I'm just glad to pull underwear out of the wash that's not been pinkified. The kids were really great with folding and stowing the laundry, and they were rewarded with orange-vanilla floats. Yummy.

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