Our first snow!

Today brought the excitement of our first snow of the season.  It didn't start snowing until the 3 olders kids were at school so I missed seeing their reaction but there was no mistaking Trevor's excitement as he watched the snowflakes falling from the sky! As we walked out to the car to make a quick trip to the store Trevor had to stop to catch snowflakes on his tongue. Abigail was trying to grab some flakes with her hands as I carried her out. She isn't so sure about this white stuff!

It didn't snow much but it was enough to make Trevor want to go out and play!


Jeremiah R. Jones said...

I can't wait for the first heavy snowfall. Yea!

Melissa said...

Just wandered over from Angie's blog.
You guys are lucky, we've just got rain out here.
We had some ice last week when they forgot to turn off the irrigation system. The kids were thrilled to play in that!!

angie said...

His expression is priceless, but it looks COLD!

jenniferkrey said...

I love snow! But, we don't see much in the sunny, Bay Area ;o)

We will, however, be spending Christmas at the cabin this year. I can't wait for Andrew to play in the snow for the first time!

Trevor looks so happy!

Jenn said...

Didn't snow much?? Looks like alot to me-- but what would I know! Today we have wind and it's finally getting cold. Almost December and finally time to put the flip flops away.