PBJ du Jour: Craisins with Spongebob Cheezits

I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Actually, it's just the peanut butter. The Amazing Mumford had it right when he said, "A la peanut butter sandwiches!" The possibilities for a delicious peanut butter and [your name here] sandwich are truly endless.

To give you a jump on the game, however, I am going to start a little feature on Eastern Blog Country that highlights the peanut butter sandwiches that our family has success with in the kitchen.

Today's PBJ recipe comes compliments of my mother-in-law, Cindy Wendel--not that she had anything to do with the recipe, but she did buy us the craisins that went into the sandwiches. In fact, Tamara said that you'd never catch her mom eating something like this.

  • peanut butter (we used all natural stuff)
  • bread (we used whole wheat)
  • craisins
  • Spongebob Squarepants shaped Cheezits brand cheese crackers

I think I enjoyed making these sandwiches almost as much as I did eating them. The trapezoidal shaped crackers made a fun design on the bread as I stuck them into the peanut butter. Oh, so I should make it clear that this sandwich will only work if you spread the peanut butter on both sides. You don't need to make it thick--just sticky. Spread the craisins, which are taking the place of the jelly, on the other slice of bread and gently press the peanut buttered sides of the bread together.

I wasn't sure if my kids would like this concoction--some of them are a little picky when it comes to the texture of their food. This combination, however, was such a hit that everyone asked for more.

The draw of this sandwich for me: crunchy and chewy, tart and salty. The varied composition makes the sandwich as much fun to bite into and chew as it is delicious to the taste.

Stay tuned for more PBJ recipes.


Cami said...

Wow, that is very creative. My children would not eat it in a million years.

Jenn said...

Not only wouldn't my children eat it--- I wouldn't eat it!!! Can't wait for the next creation.

angie said...

Very creative.....sounds.......not good. But, I'm not a peanut butter lover. I'm going to try it out though (on my kids, not me) on your recommendation, and since it's your creation.

Amy said...

That sandwich sounds awesome! We are going to try it. I predict Wyatt will love it, Dan won't try it, and Owen won't get any.

jenniferkrey said...

It has possibilities....