Walking Wonder

Abigail surprised us all this Thanksgiving by walking.  It was just a few steps (5 was her most) but it is her determination that is so exciting to watch.  She kept on trying, would fall down and would get up and try again.  Of course I'm sure it helps that she had the whole family cheering her on and clapping for her!

Abigail is 2 weeks away from being 18 months old so it is about time!  While we weren't worried about her delays she certainly had the doctor scratching his head and sending us for unnecessary x-rays and tests.  All the results came back fine which we knew they would.  It is amazing how much personality plays a part in reaching developmental milestones.  Since Abigail didn't start crawling until 2 weeks after her 1st birthday I knew she would be around 18 months old before she started walking.  

Yea Abigail!  Watch out nursery, here she comes!


Vicki said...

Congratulations to the Walking Wonder! Go, Abigail! Soon she'll be chasing all the other kids! Are you ready for that one Tamara?
We love you!

Cami said...

Wow! Congrats! I'm sure it was great to see.

jenniferkrey said...

Congratulations! Five active children! What a blessing!