What do you say when.......

It has happened on numerous occasions.  I'm at the store with Trevor and Abigail doing grocery shopping or other shopping of some sort when I get stopped by somebody who must think I need their pity as they say to me "you sure do have your hands full!"  While I often feel like blurting out "Lady, you have no idea!"  I usually just nod and agree with them wondering if I should stop to tell them that this is a piece of cake.  What's REALLY crazy is when I do the shopping with the 3 kids that are usually at school AND the 2 that are with me.  

I have done this before and it is funny to see people stopping to add the 3 and 2 and then realize that I actually have 5 kids.  One woman asked me if I had help.  My reply was "I do have a husband!"  She looked at me like I was crazy and walked away muttering, "God bless you"  as she left.   

I know lots of people that have larger families than I have and I don't feel like a family of 5 children is unusually large but I guess for out here in Massachusetts it is rather uncommon.  

Just a few weeks ago all 7 of us were at Sam's Club doing some shopping.   As I turned to put our items on the belt I heard a woman say to her husband, "do you think they are all theirs?"    We do manage to turn a few heads when we all go places together!  

So, I'm just curious,  what is your response when you get comments about your family size?


Jeremiah R. Jones said...

No wonder we're so blessed. Not only do we have friends and family praying for us, but complete strangers saying, "God bless you!"

Well, thanks, He has.

Jenn said...

I love the one where you said that you have a husband. Some people are just rude. I get comments with my three! When they ask "are these all yours?" I say " what these three? you make it sound like I have 10"! Like it's any of their business! I think people are just to worldly and only care about material things and have the 1.5 kids.

Alright-- i'm done venting. Next time say, yes they are all mine and I love every one of them!

Vicki said...

Your answer could be: Of course they're not all mine! I run my own business called Rent-a-kid and I take them all outside once a day whether they need it or not!!!

angie said...

Same as you. Except I've never used the husband (or in my case, wife) line. I always just smile and walk away. I get the "you have your hands full" constantly. The funny part is that no one ever says it when I actually DO have my hands full. I love your moms advice (at least I think Vicki is your mom), although how anyone could think for a second all of your kids are not siblings is beyond me. Wait. I take that back. I have people ask me if the twins are twins. Too bad some people don't just know intuitively when to just keep their thoughts and words to themselves.

Samantha E said...

Hmmm... For me, it's usually the other way around. "Where are the husband and child you should have had by now?" Well, something like that.