We had better have a white Christmas

I am looking out the window right now at millions of little snowflakes falling out of the sky. We've had more than two feet of snow this month alone, making this December one of the ten snowiest on record for Massachusetts. I just got a severe weather alert that says we'll have another inch an hour or so until eight o'clock tonight. We'll see.

With all the snow and subsequent school closings that we've had (I really shouldn't complain), we had better get at least a few flakes for a light frosting on Christmas.

Hmmmm... that made me hungry. Time for some Frosted Flakes.

I'll leave you with this--the current forecast for snow on Christmas for the Northeast.

Ha! We're just above 50%. What about you?


Laurie said...

I think we are safe. by the way this is Laurie Johnson. I realized that it just says Laurie when I comment.
Oh I loved your list post. It is a great idea and was written very well.

Cami said...

We were in jackets today. So, no, I'm not expecting a white Christmas. Usually, Maryland gets our big storms in February.

jenniferkrey said...

We'll have snow! But, we'll be in Tahoe :o)