Did you know.....

that you can actually call 911 from a cell phone with no service plan and have the call go through?

Anthony experienced this first hand the other day while playing with our old cell phone/camera that he now has possession of.

The funny part is that he was mad at something his sister did so he told her he was going to call the police and have them take her away.  Natalie came downstairs all upset as she told me that Anthony was going to call the police. I assured Natalie that Anthony’s phone didn’t work so he wouldn’t be able to call the police for real.

A few minutes later Anthony came downstairs with a funny look on his face.  He told me how he had dialed 9-1-1 and then he heard a voice asking him what his emergency was.  I think he was surprised and scared as he told me how he had quickly turned his phone off.

My advice to Anthony was that it’s best not to mess around with 9-1-1.  He agreed and it looked like he was relieved that he was not in trouble.   It made me laugh but I do have to say that I’m proud of Anthony for telling me what happened even when he thought he was going to get in trouble!


Jenn said...

it works on ANY phone.(pay phones too--kids probably don't know what those are?!) What a good lesson he learned and how funny he wanted to call the police on his sister.

jenniferkrey said...

That is why I keep my old cell phone (charged) in the middle console of the car.

My question is: Did 9-1-1 call back?

You are raising great kids! I would be so proud of Anthony for telling the truth! And, I have to add -- cute story!

Laurie said...

Interesting! good information to have. I didn't think that would happen. I smile because it seems one child in each family has a phone conversation with 9-1-1. It usually takes only once.:)I can picture his face too.

angie said...

WOW! I did NOT know this. I'm so glad you shared this with us.