Keep It Green

It may be freezing outside and the ground covered with a blanket of white, but in here I'm thinking green. I can't help but look at the rampant and unchecked consumption all around me and not wonder what consequences it holds in store for the world, my community, and my family.

I ran across an interesting little video this morning, and I'd like to give it some space here on my blog. If you end up showing interest in it, that space may become permanent. (Hey, I can at least give it a link, right?)

Before you start watching the movie (QUICK--press pause!) let me voice my opinion that, as with any opinion piece, and don't let the narrator sway you--this is just her opinion along with some observations that she's made, you need to take all of what is said with a grain of salt.

Preferably sea salt.

I moved the video because I was tired of hearing it every time I loaded my blog.

See the video (in a larger format) on

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