Not a Nightmare... Yet

"Tanner," as my mom has dubbed it--our newly acquired 2003 Chevy Venture.


We just bought a minivan on Saturday. This is the most money we've spent on anything. Ever. We drove off the lot on Saturday after clearing up what would be repaired when we came back for inspection and registration the next week.

I made an appointment for this morning at 8:30, and was on time. I sat in a chair and tried to make myself busy with school work, but couldn't help glancing out the window every now and then. My van was just sitting there.

The mechanic finally took it in just before ten o'clock, and I thought that I'd be all set. The repairs were minor, and the dealership had three business days to make whatever orders were necessary prior to repairing my vehicle. We had been promised a steam cleaning as well, but that shouldn't take very long, right?

At 2:30 I walked back into the dealership after having inspected the "repaired" vehicle. I walked back in because three of the problems that I had identified prior to purchase had not been fixed. The salesman that worked with us on Saturday put on a shocked face and rushed back inside promising that he'd get it "taken care of."


2:49 PM -- Well, it's not done yet, but Brendan, my salesmonkey, has just rushed into the waiting room and assured me that the general manager was down in the garage "yelling at them," and that the situation would be soon resolved.

I hope that "they" are the people that are going to fix the minivan and not just some random people that the manager got together so that my salesmonkey could tell me that he was yelling at someone.


angie said...

I hope "they" were the mechanics too. Did the problems get fixed? Congrats on the new van. Were the kids sorry to see the old one go? My kids got upset when we traded in our old van for a new one.....liked the new, yet wanted the old, too.

Jenn said...

I was a nightmare after two hours!! Hope it got fixed. Yea for a new van!!

Tamara said...

In with the good, out with the bad!

I think the kids were so excited with the new features on our van that they didn't care to see the old one go. The old one had 1 sliding door (that didn't work because of being hit) and the new one has 2 sliding doors one of which is power operated. They are always begging to push the button on my keys to open the door!

Vicki said...

ah...cars...don't you love to hate 'em? (or is it hate to love 'em???)

Laurie said...

Always good to keep a humorous perspective! I hope they finally got it taken care of. How frustrating!! Sounds like you had better luck though. Within 20 minutes the Van we bought in Worcester dropped the Transmission.! Lucky for us the dealership had to foot the bill. I hope you aren't still sitting there:)
Brooke still tells us she wants our old van.

Cami said...

Ugh. Cars. That's all I have to say.

Mark and Kiss said...

Oh, my! Goodluck. I'll have to tell Mark about you auto adventures in Worcester...hmmm.. Do you laugh or cry, glad to see you are still laughing! :) Congrats on the new car.