Traces of the Holidays - #3

Today is the eighth of January, two weeks after Christmas is celebrated by many Christians and the day after the observance of Christmas for Orthodox Christians.

But Christmas is still alive!

Yes, I am one of those who can't get enough of Christmas from Halloween to New Year's Day each year, so I rejoiced as I walked across campus today and heard the bells from a nearby cathedral playing Good Christian Men, Rejoice. I was thrilled again when, walking back the same way, I was able to hum along to Hark! The Herald Angels Sing as the chimed melody floated down to me on the (oddly enough) balmy January breeze.

I hate to be the one to put a number on it, but...

...only 351 days left! Yipee!

Traces of the Holidays - #2


Jeremiah R. Jones said...

I love it!

Today it was God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen as I strolled in from the car.

Vicki said...

Yikes!!! You must be a "chip off the old block" counting the days left til Christmas! Yipee! I've infected at least one of my kids! hee hee

angie said...

Is that all? Only 300 and something days until Christmas? And I thought it seemed so far away! Another thing I didn't know about you......:)