Day 4

After a late night of staying up to watch the Lunar eclipse, Trevor was the last one out of bed this morning. Even with a little later start to our day we still managed to be sitting at Denny's by 8:30am waiting for our breakfast.

We loaded the kids up this morning without telling them where we were going. Since we wouldn't let them eat first I think most of them figured it out. Thank you Auntie Sammy for our Christmas present. We sure enjoyed our breakfast and the kids had a lot of fun.

Trevor thought it was so cool that he got away with using two straws!

Abigail started out with some appetizers. Yummy cheerios!

Can you tell the food is about to be put on the table?

After our breakfast we left daddy at the bus stop and we went to Target. Not looking for anything in particular, the kids enjoyed looking at all the things they wanted to buy. Natalie even tried to convince me to buy her a toy and then she would pay me back. The only problem with that was the fact that she didn't have any money. The joys of teaching children money management!

The chilly winds kept us from making any more stops and we spent the rest of the day at home. A lazy afternoon of the kids working on their play they've created, movie time, and nap time.

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Vicki said...

ah...those were the days! Only one more day of "vacation!" Enjoy it!
Mom J