Anthony's Birthday

Monday was the big day. We've had one very excited boy at our house as he has counted down the days until his 8th birthday. Anthony was quick to remind me that since it was his birthday he didn't have to do his chores. He then felt a little bad (only for a moment) when he realized that I would be doing his chores instead. It's the thought that counts, right?

He had a good day and even though his birthday is over he now has the excitement of Grandma Vicki, Grandma Cindy, and Grandpa Roy coming into town for his baptism next week.

It's hard to tell who had more fun. Anthony opening his presents or the kids handing out what they had bought for him.


angie said...

Oh, this picture is so sweet. I love Natalie looking at him enjoying his joy. Can't wait to hear about his baptism.

Laurie said...

Such enthusiasm! Kids are the best! They know how to love everything about life.