You've been dying to ask...

I know you have. You've been wondering, but no one has said anything. Well, I got the thumbs up today to post it:

We're expecting!

The new additions are due to join our family in early September.

Wait, did he say, "additions?"

You heard it here first! While it's still too early to know if the balance of power will be going to the X's or Y's, there's no doubt that's two of 'em in there.

Yes, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and our expansion to an eight-passenger van doesn't seem to have been sufficient, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Right now we're fielding names for the prospective Jones twins. Front runners:

  • Yin and Yang - a favorite with the Chinese grad students in my department, and it could work for boys or girls.
  • Remus and Romulus - for boys, obviously. No, we're not Italian, but, hey--names of twins brought up by wolves = instant coolness.
  • Lydia and Kitty - the names practically scream decorum and prudence. Maybe I'm just a little prejudiced toward them.
  • Fred and Wilma - yes, it's possible that we'll have a boy and a girl.
  • George and Jane - if "Fred" and "Wilma" seem too old-fashioned.
  • Bart and Lisa - I can feel the peace and harmony already.

Anyway, you should really take a closer look at the ultrasound...


Cami said...

WOW! Congrats! I see you don't need people at work making silly name jokes, you just do it all on your own. (Remember Horatio Ferdenand Turpin, i.e. ".hft"?) Good luck with your new 15 passenger van.

Jenn said...

hahahaha!! That was GREAT!!

angie said...

You STIIIIIIIIIINKERS. I was totally skeptical, but could see Tamaras name on the u/s and UMass. How in the world did you do that? EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT prank.

Nadia said...

Oh, Wow! Congratulations!!!!!

jenniferkrey said...

Too funny! I'll admit it - you had me going for a minute!

Laurie said...

So I wasn't dying to ask but now I am:) What is it on the ultrasound to give it away the April fools joke? I looked and must be missing the tell.