A pen, a mirror, a camera, and a dark bathroom

You may be wondering what these objects have in common. They were all employed by Anthony and me to take a series of fun photographs yesterday evening. The pen has a laser pointer and a blue LED. The mirror is not the one you see in the photos, but a small one on a telescoping wand that I used to see the LCD on the camera as it was backed up against the wall of our rather cramped downstairs bathroom.

Here are some the better photographs:

I was trying to draw a baby on Tamara's belly.

Natalie's heart turned out fairly well.

Michaela's intent stare cracks me up...

...but I can see where she gets it!

Anthony had fun both manning the laser and posing for the camera.

Trevor was actually my first helper, but he got tired after a while.

The laser by itself made for some intriguing effects.

Changing the aperture gave things a nice red glow.


angie said...

Such cool pictures. Now what does changing the apeture mean exactly? :) I thought the picture on Tamara's stomach was the amniotic sac and placenta. Oops.

Cami said...

This is a little frightening. Bloody Mary kind of stuff. I actually do not go in dark bathrooms on purpose unless I'm trying to keep myself asleep in the middle of the night . . .

Besides that, cool pics!

Vicki said...

yeah...kinda spooky! (but in a cool, "That's odd!" kind of way!)

Glad you are still curious and like to "fuss about."

Hugs to you!
Mom and Gramma

Jen Krey said...

Very cool!

Jenn said...

Pretty cool!