30 seconds

My friend, Bob, inspired me the other day.

Here's my 30 second post.

Had fun yesterday doing a treasure hunt with the kids.


Bob said...

Ha ha. That was more like a 5 second post, but I read it and responded within 1 hour of posting!

angie said...

Oh. What a concept. I think I'll have to steal this idea. Who won the treasure hunt?

Tamara said...

Well it certainly wasn't a 30 second treasure hunt! It was more like a mega treasure hunt with 35 clues. It took the kids all day to do it with breaks for lunch, quiet time, and dinner. I wasn't going to help them much but after leaving them on one clue for awhile I could hear Natalie upstairs saying "This isn't fun!" and I decided it was time to step in and give some more hints. I do have to admit that there were times that I couldn't help them at all and we had to resort to calling Jeremiah who was the mastermind behind the whole thing.

The kids had a great time and enjoyed their treasure which was Oreo Fudgees and milk!


Cami said...

30 seconds, eh? Cool.