The existence of the government and the media

During a quick glance at my Google news page this morning, I found a story that piqued my interest. "Massachusetts brewing a 'recipe for chaos'" is featured on OneNewsNow.com--a division of the American Family News Network. Below is a quote that resonated with me.

LaBarbera [president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality] notes that much of the Massachusetts media is betraying its pro-homosexual bias by portraying the debate as an issue of "fairness" rather than one of special treatment for individuals who choose to engage in homosexual behavior.

This bias is not only present in the media, but in the government as well. Instead of debating the morality of the issues that face our nation, lawmakers are trying to claim that they are working to promoted "equality" and "fairness." They are steadily abandoning one moral principle after another in order not to seem out of touch with the progressive movement--a movement that is doing nothing more but progressively descending deeper into baseness and degeneracy. Here is a quote that didn't quite make it into the talk that I gave yesterday in front of the LDS congregation to which I belong. I feel it is very descriptive of our current state of affairs.

Our government is succumbing to pressure to distance itself from God and religion. Consequently, the government is discovering that it is incapable of contending with people who are increasingly “unbridled by morality and religion.” A simple constitutional prohibition of state-sponsored church has evolved into court-ordered bans against representations of the Ten Commandments on government buildings, Christmas manger scenes on public property, and prayer at public meetings. Instead of seeking the “national morality” based on “religious principle” that Washington spoke of, many are actively seeking a blind standard of legislative amorality, with a total exclusion of the mention of God in the public square.

Such a standard of religious exclusion is absolutely and unequivocally counter to the intention of those who designed our government. Do you think that mere chance placed the freedom to worship according to individual conscience among the first freedoms specified in the Bill of Rights—freedoms that are destined to flourish together or perish separately? The Founding Fathers understood this country’s spiritual heritage. They frequently declared that God’s hand was upon this nation, and that He was working through them to create what Chesterton once called “a nation with the soul of a church.” (Richard John Neuhaus, “A New Order for the Ages,” speech delivered at the Philadelphia Conference on Religious Freedom, 30 May 1991.) While they were influenced by history and their accumulated knowledge, the single most influential reference source for their work on the Constitution was the Holy Bible. (Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve, from a talk given 5 July 1992 at the Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah)

What are we doing to take back the media and the government that are here to serve us? To paraphrase a well-known verse, "The government and media were made for man, and not man for the government and media."

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