They put the "pain" in...

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So my friends at JibJab put this together for me.

What made me laugh:

  • McCain's heart attack
  • Barack Obama singing about change astride a unicorn
  • Bill Clinton getting hit on the head (that will always, always make me laugh)
  • The very Soviet/Communist looking posters for Hilarity's 2012 campaign
  • The clock/radio set at 3 AM
  • The jets with the red, white, and blue streamers doing a fly-by past McCain in a tank
Really, though--are these two my only choices? If so, it's going to be another Black Tuesday in November...


Jen Krey said...

My LOL moment - when JR is flying through the air.

That was funny!

Bob said...

What makes it hilarious is how TRUE it is. We need more choices!