Still waiting!

No new exciting news here. We are still waiting for this baby to make her grand entrance. Today was my doctors appointment and I am now dilated to 4cm and the baby is where she needs to be. The doctors is sure she will come in the next few days and told me to stay pretty close to home. When this baby decides to come she is going to come fast. After my quick delivery with Abigail I'm not so excited about that. I just hope I get an epidural this time!

Grandma Vicki has been here for a week now and her time is ticking away. Sure hope this baby comes while Grandma is here!

Stay tuned for more news (hopefully soon!)


angie said...

Wow. Sounds like you are both ready. I've been wondering if she had arrived. :) Hope you get that epidural and it's as pain free a delivery as possible.

Laurie said...

yikes! Pins and needles! I hope you make it to the hospital and have time to get that epidural. I'll be sending good thoughts your way. I'm glad you posted though, I keep checking for word. :) Good luck