Mommy = Cow

I was on my way to Wal-Mart the other day with Trevor, Abigail, and Emersynne. Trevor, who talks nonstop these days out of the blue said, "Mommy you are a cow."

I was a little shocked and not sure what my 4-year old was getting at. Was he referring to the twenty pounds I so badly want to loose? He didn't say I was like a cow but very bluntly told me I was a cow!

After a few moments of silence I asked, "What do you mean Trevor?"

He very matter of fact stated, "You make milk!"

So, yes, Trevor has been very interested in the breastfeeding process of his new baby sister and is amazed that Emersynne doesn't need to eat anything other than "mommy's milk".

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Cami said...

Yes, I feel like one too.