My candy goblins

I have to show you the kids in their Halloween costumes. They're just too cute to pass up on.

First, Abigail in her little witch costume. She should have been a bunny--she hopped around most of the night. "Boing-boing-boing-boing!"

Trevor made this costume work, even if the pants only covered half his shin. He specifically ordered the "triangle eyes."

Natalie ordered the green face paint. She wanted to look a little "scarey." It only made the costume cuter.

Anthony's getting to the point where he likes to look dashing. He had a fun time posing in his pirate costume.

Perhaps the cutest of all: Michaela's mommy costume. Of all the things she could have picked, she decided to be a mommy for Halloween. So sweet!

I had a good time on Halloween, too. My new coworkers really know how to have a good time.

This is Becca and me. Becca works in the Custom Genetics department and made her mask herself. Not bad! Abigail would yell, "Eyes! Eyes! Eyes! Eyes!" every time she saw me in my costume.


Cami said...

Very cute!

Vicki said...

Great jobs on the costumes, guys!

Jenn said...

Very clever costumes! Lookin good!