Early Christmas Present

Emersynne has given me the best early Christmas present ever. I don't think anything else will top this one!

She has been sleeping through the night. When I say sleeping through the night I mean sleeping 11-12 hours straight! It is pretty unbelievable. None of my babies have started doing this so early. She isn't even 3 months old yet and started sleeping really long stretches at 2 months. It's been pretty consistent now and has happened for over a week. Since she has been taking a pacifier and not sucking her thumb I was not expecting her to sleep like this. My other kids started sleeping really well when they found their thumbs but that was not until around 4 or 5 months old.

When I snuck in to check on her one morning after she had already been asleep 11 hours I found out the reason for her sleeping so well. She had found her thumb after all. I had never seen her sucking it during the day and it seems she only finds it in her sleep.

Thank goodness for thumbs!


Cami said...

hear hear on the thumbs!! Janey did that 11 hour nightime sleep at 2 months too. It's not so long now, but it's still through the night as far as I'm concerned. YAY!

Vicki said...

Thumbs! The best of all digits!
Love you Emersynne!

Bob said...

Nice, gotta love that at 3 months! When they're 6 and still attached to it...different story. :)

Nadia said...

She is so cute!!! I love her little thumb!Way to go to sleep for so long... Sonia slept four hours max at that time.
We are also doing Christmas mailing and would love to have your address. I hope you are still at the same place. If not, please let us know at nadiayjones@gmail.com

Jenn said...

11 hours- i would love to have that many hours of sleep!! very nice of her to sleep that long for you!!