Gymnastics and Forward Rolls

Trevor recently started taking a Gymnastics class at the YMCA. He was showing the kids his forward rolls and pretty soon all the kids were taking turns doing forward rolls on the living room floor. After a few misses Abigail even was able to get her forward rolls in.

Abigail then turned to me and said "Mommy turn"

I couldn't remember the last time I had done a forward roll but decided to give it a try. It was quite amusing to see how impressed my children were. Mommy can do a forward roll!

The really funny part was that Anthony was in the shower so he missed all the excitement. When he came downstairs the kids told him that mommy can do a forward roll. He didn't believe them so I had do to another one.

When Jeremiah got home later that day the kids said, "Daddy, did you know that mommy can do a forward roll?"

So funny what our kids think we can or cannot do.


Nadia said...

I don't think I could ever do a forward roll ;-) This post is in great need of some pictures!!!

Mark and Kiss said...

Ha, ha, ha! That totally cracks me up. I remember a few years ago my mom did the same thing with grandchildren. She ended up straining the muscles in her neck and having to wear a neck brace, ha ha ha. It was rather amusing when people asked how she hurt it. I am sure that no one would have guessed doing somersaults with the grandkids. I, for one, am afraid to try! Bravo Tamara!

Cami said...

That is funny. My kids are always so impressed when I do something they didn't know about.