Sunday madness!

This morning we woke up to more white stuff covering the other white stuff and soon received a call that church was canceled.

In the last six weeks we have been to church twice. This winter sure has been crazy. I'm hoping that we are getting all this bad weather over with and will be blessed with a early and beautiful spring! I can dream right?

We had our own little church meeting at home and since Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Wally are visiting they gave the talks.

Dinner is over, the dishes are done, the kitchen is cleaned up, (thank you mom and dad) and now we are getting ready for our movie and popcorn night.


angie said...

You'll forget all about this as soon as you see all of those beautiful tulips and daffodils pop up......I hope. :) You guys sure have been hammered this winter!

Jenn said...

wow! I can't believe the winter you are having! We're wondering if we are going to have a winter here!!

Jenn said...

I did email and let you know I changed my blog address, right?o

Adam said...

Hey, It's Liz! I do want to say that it is crazy how Worcester closes down when it snows!! It is actually nice sometimes to have the excuse to stay home (it can get old though). Here in Jackson it snows a ton and they never cancel school, church, or anything. The kids even go to recess in it!! Even when it is 5 degrees! We are learning to embrace it here! So, are you guys going to be done with school at the end of June now?