Abigail's new bed

A few weeks ago we made the switch and got Emersynne out of the porta-crib and into the crib. This meant getting a new bed for Abigail. After doing lots of online research I found the bed I wanted and ordered it. Before the bed actually arrived Abigail had been moved out of the crib and was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. She was very excited with her new bed when it was only the mattress so you can imagine her excitement when her real bed was put together.

We put it together late one night, (I can say we because I screwed in one screw) carried it up to the girls room, and lifted the sleeping Abigail mattress and all into the new bed. We woke up the next morning to excited chatter as Abigail told the girls about her new bed.

Abigail has done very well with the transition and I am very happy with our new toddler bed. It is the first time we have bought a toddler bed. We moved our other kids from the crib to a twin bed but didn't have that option with Abigail because of our limited space in the girls room. The bed looks really cute and even matches the crib!


Jenn said...

What a lucky girl! It's very cute!

Nadia said...

Oh, Abigail is so lucky to have such a cute bed that isn't too pinkish! We are trying to find a new bed for Sonia and I am struggling for now. I hope to get something from craigslist but I would love to know where you found this one.