Come on!

Okay. I knew I'd get here eventually--my first post from my iPod. It's gonna be really special, right?

I was in the bathroom today doing what people do in bathrooms. In walks some, I have to say it, IDIOT with his phone up to his ear. He pulls up to a urinal and, in addition to the expected transaction, leaves a detailed message about his day thus far on his girlfriend's voicemail.

First of all, who doesn't know that you don't talk on the phone in a restroom?

Second, how could anyone just casually talk on the phone in front of his coworkers who are *going to the bathroom?*

And lastly, what kind of man leaves a message for his girlfriend with "potty" sounds in the background?

Thanks, buddy, for making my day.


Jenn said...

Maybe he thinks his girlfriend likes romantic potty talk!!?? Pretty funny though-- did he wash his hands??

Jen Krey said...

That is pretty disgusting...but funny!