The dreaded week

A few weeks ago I pulled out the calender and realized that a yucky week was coming up. Busy days and something going on every day. Well, that week is finally here. It is only Monday and I am already exhausted and thinking about everything going on makes me even more exhausted!

I had planned on getting the house cleaned up and organized today to be ready for the upcoming chaos but last night we got a phone call from the school saying school for Monday was canceled due to a incoming storm that was predicted to drop 12-13 inches of snow. So now I have kids home all day and yes I did put them to work although it is hard to do the deep cleaning and organizing with twelve little feet running around.

As we got out of bed this morning and told the kids they would get to stay home I jokingly said to Jeremiah ,"wouldn't it be great if you had a snow day too and got to stay home with us?" That would be great but not very likely. After breakfast Jeremiah headed out the door for work and I was once again glad his commute is just down the street. It was snowing lots and he pulled into the parking lot of work to find that it was empty. The office had closed for the day so we got to all stay home together.

Jeremiah put the kids to work making posters and stars for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet and we enjoyed being in our nice warm home watching the snow fly around outside.

The kids kept begging to go outside and play but with the wind the feels like temperature was in the single digits. Burrrrrrr! After dinner we did bundle up and go outside for a few minutes giving the kids rides around the courtyard in the sleds. Then it was showers and bedtime and more work getting stuff ready for the Blue and Gold. Anthony was pretty excited to get into bed and go to sleep. I think he was hoping that by going to bed early it would make his birthday come quicker!


Jenn said...

what is "deep cleaning"??

Tamara said...

You know, it's the cleaning that the mommy does verses the cleaning that the kids do!

Laurie said...

I guess you guys got the snow that was forcasted? We luckily were spared. Only getting 1 inch, if that. How lucky for you to have a true snow day. Daddy home too? Those are the best days. Glad you made it through.