I had wanted to get pictures of the kids before Church on Sunday and thought that I would be able to do it while my Mom was here. Jeremiah is not home Sunday mornings because of early morning church meetings so Sunday mornings are rather crazy. I managed to get a picture of Trevor before church and Natalie after church. Abigail saw me taking photos and wanted to get her picture taken too. When you scroll down to look at the photos you will understand why it is so important to take Abigail's picture before church instead of after church!

Doesn't he look handsome?!

Natalie was excited to go to church and show off her new haircut!

And here is little Abigail with her impossible hair. I did cut it off before my mom went home and it does look much better. Not quite as stringy but still pretty impossible.

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Nadia said...

Abigail's hair is something ;-) I thought Sonia's hair was funny at 11months (curly somewhat longet than short and spreading in all directions) but I am affraid Abigail can easily win the prize ;-)