The Joy of Little Boys

"What's in this little hole?"

I have to say that I can't blame Trevor for being so inquisitive. I'm a "big boy" now, and I still have that drive to see what's inside holes and what happens when I push buttons. Luckily, my self-preservation has advanced to the point where I probe holes with sticks instead of my own flesh.

Trevor claims it happened as he was walking out of my room, which I imagine is partly true. His curiosity was piqued by the little hole in the door jamb, and, as far as I can gather, he tore off part of his thumb when he wrenched it out after it got stuck.

Anthony told me that Trevor didn't even notice the wound at first, and that it took him noticing the steady stream of blood trickling onto the floor before he started to cry.

It should be no surprise that within the hour Trevor and I were sitting in the emergency room waiting to be seen. Perhaps I was overly cautious in dragging Trevor to the hospital, but I was quite concerned when I got home and saw the extent of his injury. Once I had it properly cleaned, I could actually see below the top layers of skin.

After a lot of tears and a fresh dressing for his thumb, Trevor was sent on his way armed with a syringe to squirt his sisters with. He was in a pretty cheery mood, and even asked if I'd carry him out like I had carried him into the hospital. I told him that I would pay for the visit and call it even.

Those of you with faint hearts should be thankful that I only had my phone with me. The photos are rather blurred.


angie said...

Oh boy. My stomach just dropped. Poor guy. Sending him big hugs.

Vicki said...

Hey JR! Thanks for sharing! I'll be sure to let Dad see this entry (then I'll be carrying someone into the ER myself!!)
Sorry, Trevor! Better keep your hands (and thumb!) to yourself!
Hugs, Gramma

Nadia said...

Oh NO!!! Poor little guy. I hope the hand heals quickly and he won't have scars!

Laurie said...

Don't ya just love those times. We recently had to take Andrea to the ER. She fell on her face and jammed one of her teeth into her gum, we are still hoping it will reemerge and not need surgery. I'll keep our fingers crossed for both recovery's :)