Busy Hands

One of the many challenges at our house is finding things to keep little hands quiet, busy, and out of trouble while the older children are doing homework. The other day I found something magical and Abigail sat and played quietly for about an hour.

One by one she put each penny into the slot in the jar and then we dumped them back into the container and she did it all over again!


Jenn said...

genius!! What a great idea!

Jeremiah R. Jones said...

You are

Vicki said...

I wish I had a jar of money (big denominations!) to count and recount!

Tamara said...

Don't we all!

Mark and Kiss said...

Great thinking Tamara!

I remember Anson spending hours doing the same thing! I was so amazed (and relieved to have a break, ha ha).

It didn't work for the other boys, they couldn't sit still long enough.

Here's the good news, Anson loves math, and is in the gifted and talented program for his math scores, so she has a bright future ahead of her, lol!

Mark and Kiss said...
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