Mother's Day

Mother's day started early around here. Tuesday was the Mother/Daughter activity for Activity Girls and the girls all had fun pampering their moms. We were served tropical drinks and were given a pedicure. Michaela did a great job and my feet were nice and soft when she was finished and I still have nice pink polish on my toe nails!

I have many new homemade cards and pictures from the kids to add to my collection. Those are my favorite treasures and have already been carefully set aside.

Saturday evening Jeremiah and the kids were busy planting our little garden for my Mother's Day present. It was a very big project and one that Natalie seemed to enjoy the most. I think she has decided she wants to be a gardener when she grows up. She has done a good job at reminding me to water our new plants and so far our little garden is doing well!

Here are all the plants waiting to be planted

We even have a few tomato plants

Trevor is waiting his turn to plant the yellow flowers

Natalie did lots of planting because she stuck around the longest

Digging in the dirt always seems to be lots of fun!

I now have a beautiful garden and it is something I will be able to enjoy all summer long and long after summer has ended. Tiny plants planted with love by my children.


Jenn said...

What a great Mother's Day! We are having our mother/daughter activity night in a week and I'm in charge. A fashion show!! should be fun...

Cami said...

Although I will miss having flowers in my yard, I am sort of glad I live in a rental with rocks in the flowerbeds. No work for me. It looks like a lovely MOther's Day!